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  1. i figured from the ABA logo that the game ball was R/W/B, but that doesn't mean the ball in your logo has to be. It's not like the Cavs, Nets, Wizards, Lakers, etc. use an orange ball in their logos.
  2. Ohhhhhh. Yeah it should probably be pink or something to define it from the fin
  3. what's the little ball to the right of the shark fin?
  4. why do all of these teams with a basketball in their logo (most of them) opt for the R/W/B bull :censored: instead of a team colored, stylized ball? i feel like anyone who isn't visually or mentally impaired would think it looks like crap
  5. The re-coloration of the Broncos' uniform is great. I'd really like to see that in real life.
  6. wow good call on that i think that may be exactly what it is
  7. I really don't think so. The VT font shares little to none of the defining characteristics of the Glades Bold font (ex: broad vertical strokes/thin horizontal strokes, the block serifs on the 2, 3, and 7, and the overall thickness of the lines). I mean, there are only so many ways to portray the numbers 0-9, and just because a typeface gives you the same feel that another one does, it doesn't mean it's a "ripoff" (especially when the same company presumably designed both). IMO the new VT jersey font looks clean, and it fits the uniforms well. Any ideas as to what it will be called? "Blacksburg" is already taken, so maybe "Hokie" or "Tech"?
  8. yeah so i didn't really know where to post this but it seems like something most CCSLCers would be interested in. sorry if this has been posted already. enjoy and good luck!
  9. This is NOT okay it needs to end NOW..sigh.. ok fine
  10. When i first stumbled across this helmet a little less than a year ago, that was exactly what went through my mind. I can't see anywhere on the helmet where you could put a logo without it looking cluttered. Especially for teams with different-colored facemasks from the helmet.
  11. tbh i don't care when they were released. they weren't posted, and now they are
  12. If adidas' other practice jerseys are any indication this will be the new number font on ECU's jerseys next season:
  13. Possible unpopular opinion incoming here but I have never really been a fan of ND's green jerseys. I always thought navy looked much better
  14. So SMU appears to have something in the works.From the shield/mesh collar logo I'm guessing it's gonna be this template used by Oregon back in 2014 and others in 2015. I don't know the name of it. The chest wordmark appears to be the Michigan State custom font. The shoulder/pants stripes are pretty meh. Also, UNLV new helmets: And I saw this helmet posted a while back, here are the bland jerseys they're pairing it with:
  15. I'd definitely make the outline along the bottom of the skull thicker.
  16. To me [(all the striping + spikey font + dated logo + words on pants) = Arena Football League]. On the jersey, I'd either [a.) Remove underarm stripes, move TV numbers to sleeve cap, leave shoulders bare] or [b.) remove shoulder stripe, make the "leaping jag" smaller, keep shoulder numbers. With all that striping on the jerseys, I also think it's inappropriate to have a stripe-less helmet (especially in black). Maybe put a broad, tapering stripe there.... maybe? On the pants just get rid of the high-school-words-down-the-side. I think it'd go a long way.
  17. i don't know maybe put a red cross outlined in white opposite the nike swoosh... maybe?
  18. The Switzerland logo looks great on the helmet/collar. I like the gray pants as well, it just seems like they're missing something.
  19. When i clicked on this topic i thought it would be yet another brand new account promoting "super cheap jerseys just need $19.99 high quality uniforms", but i'm pleasantly surprised. This is pretty cool!
  20. UPC code is on back with this current template, issue number, volume number (forgot to add on this one) featured largely on the front as opposed to date because this magazine is focused on the AFA season, which isn't the length of a year. It's supposed to be a better measuring stick as to where the season is at (ex: offesason-1~3/4, regular season 4/5~X, postseason X~30/32). The year isn't really important for the cover because people know what year it is when they buy it and looking back there would be extensive in-text mentions of what year/season it was written in. As for the bottom-placement for the logo and stripe, it's just a unique look that provides better visibility to the subject featured on the cover. And hey, it's only 1980, and this magazine will surely have multiple redesigns as its parent company merges with another or is bought out, etc., but my goal was to create something different from the generic type of cover that still brings back memories of the classic Sports Illustrated or Sporting News covers. Many features will probably fade away with the eventual redesigns, but a few will stick as identifying "quirks" that the magazine would become known for.
  21. Introducing AFA Weekly: Your Official Source for All Things AFA-Related! This is an approved offshoot of @Veras's "History of a Fictional Football League" which most of us have read (if you haven't, you really should: ) in witch I publish magazine covers headlining the recent big events in the AFA and featuring popular AFA athletes, coaches, owners, and fans. The publication was founded in 1971 by Orange Grove Publishing, and was titled AFA Magazine until 1978, when it got bought out by the much larger East Shore Media Company and was renamed to AFA Weekly, although it's still referred to as AFA Magazine by many. The release format is 1 volume a year, each volume consisting of 30-32 issues, published once a week during the regular season and playoffs with a few issues interspersed throughout the offseason. This is the first issue of Volume 10, hope you enjoy!
  22. Not an improvement, but not worse than before. Pretty meh.