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  1. The shoes do look great, and even better if it's an accurate update! I think the colours could use more exploring, but the design you created here is definitely worth showing off
  2. You’ve done a fantastic job at keeping the classic feel here. I’m surprised the original only goes back to ’88! It feels like something you’d have pulled from the black and white archive. I like the latest tail, and I agree that there’s something odd about the feet. I feel like your 1st crack at it was the best so far, and I’m thinking that the foot rotated a bit clockwise will help him look a bit more ‘planted’ and walking forward. What’s still missing from the update is a big-toothed VERY confident beaver. It looks like whoever he was headed towards in ’88 needed to be taught a lesson… where I get more of a ‘bully’ vibe from the update. Maybe it’s that he’s still staring right at you? I’m not sure, but I think it’s a more ‘purposeful’ and mature look that the other one has. I think adjusting his gaze off to the right will help with balancing his feet as well… or I’m crazy. Great decisions through the updates here btw. The floating legs didn’t look odd to me until you fixed it
  3. I love seeing your work, and the polish you’ve put to some of these are impressive. If someone in Seattle has a different idea, they have a tall-order to live up to IMO That Seattle Kraken identity has shot up the rankings for me. The balance you’ve found between the classic ’S’ and the trident looks great, and I like how you’ve pulled the Kraken tentacles off subtly here. Best use of the Seattle ’S’ I think I’ve seen so far and I really like it in red as well. I don’t know why, but the only thing that bothers me is the bar at the base of the trident. That line and the base might just need to be rounded to match the ’S’ I think for that to work. Very well done Sparky! A couple others if you’re interested - Sawbucks look too leaned back to me. I think the antler placement Is perfect, so just tilting the head (and definitely the neck) down will give it a much more aggressive and athletic look - I think jokes will be made about the Squirrel’s posture with the Evergreens. Love the tail and the treatment of ‘Seattle’ - but the posture might need a re-think. With a squirrel, you could probably pull off shooting the acorn across the ‘Seattle’ while still keeping this positioning of the ’S’ I think (idea: - Still love that Sealions logo. I think the thing that holds it back is how empty it is as a primary, but it looks fantastic on the white jersey. What about taking that same colouring, and adding a healthy amount of white around it for the dark jersey? That inaugural season logo looks amazing. I like the upwards and proud logo better as a primary, but the finish on that Inaugural logo looks great. I think the font is all that holds that back btw. - The treatment on the Steelheads is a great idea as well. Seems disjointed (and as Brian mentioned, a bit ‘eel like’) but the idea is there. Something a bit thicker and more powerful would look great. - Sockeyes also look great. I Have warmed up to that one more and more whenever I see it with this polish. I’d try a darker colour for the eye there as that colour looks really flat and draws my attention right away, but that’s a really cool mark for the Sockeyes - Wow do I like what you did with the Totems. - For the Emeralds, did you try something with a squared-off tie? Something about the ‘Sims gem’ weakens the emerald feel for me. I think if the tie was chiseled from the same gem (kinda feel) the initial impressions would be ’square emerald’ as it is for me, I’m seeing the ‘Sims gem’ first and building the rest from there. IMO entirely, of course :P You’ve done such a good job putting together identities here. That Kraken (or the acorn!) hat alone would be a win for a new franchise. Agree with you 100% btw on the plaid. Would be a really smart more in Seattle - depending on what identity they go with. Thanks for posting these!
  4. Love that TB look. Starting to get to a Lighting logo I think actually works! Never liked their old logos, but the current Incredibles logo doesn't work for a hockey team. Giving it some bulk has really done them justice here. I dig the new jersey quite a bit as well. I think it'd look even better if you tried squared off shoulders a la Stars and a bulkier italicized font should look great on there. Good work getting back to a unique TB Lighting look.
  5. I adore that Washington set. I'll have a hard time designing anything that isn't exactly that after seeing it. I always wondered weather the Weagle would be able to stand on it's own as a primary logo, and it absolutely can! The only thing that tweaked me a bit was how it got lost on the red jersey. How would a white outline look around the logo? On the white jersey it pops perfectly. Voting for the darker blue of your original by the way. Great work!
  6. That's a pretty sweet logo. Well done! What you're looking to do is warp the logo onto the helmet, no? I don't have any pre-made .psds to share with you, but in Photoshop if you check out Edit > Transform there are a bunch of options there to skew and re-size the logo to look right. Try and find a shot of a blank helmet (or plain with an easily removed logo) and adjust the logo until it looks right. If you're going to keep it that size, I'd suggest trying a Displacement Map to help it look like it's sitting in, and not on the seams: Hopefully that no help was of any help!