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  1. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B-BBtzKk3nWCLTV6OEd0LUhTbGs I have been unsuccessful in adding pictures so here is the link with all of the concepts from this post as well as the Memphis Grizzlies and Utah Jazz which I have recently completed.
  2. Quick nitpick with the PAC-18. Utah is actually further north than BYU.
  3. Can’t figure out how to upload pictures from my phone now. Has a change been made? When I click “Insert other media” it just says “Insert existing attachment” and “Insert image from URL”. Where did the “Import from camera roll” option go. Lol
  4. After a month off, I’m back with my latest concept. The Memphis Grizzlies return to teal, orange and black with an updated design. C&C appreciated
  5. I love this idea. Maybe you explained this and I missed it. Do losers on the playoffs get eliminated after their first loss? Or is there losers brackets, consolation games etc. I wish this would happen
  6. The Brooklyn Nets are next in my list. Most simple brand in the NBA. Black and white. A basketball with a B in the middle. Tons of history for the Nets. That’s what I went with on the design of the actually jersey. I have 2 options for the Nets. One with a cursive script and one without. Comment below which one is your favorite.
  7. Here’s the Toronto Raptors. Wanted to put a little bit of Canada in it but I feel like I made them look like the Canadian national team. I’m pleased with the overall look of them though. C&C is welcome and appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Thank you. I appreciate your input. May I ask why you don't like the font? Obviously I was trying to go with an old western font. What words would you put on the black jersey? I'm glad you like the striping because to me that's what completes the whole uniform. Now that you say that about Phoenix and Atlanta I am starting to see that. I never noticed that before but thanks for pointing it out. I'll try to make future icon edition uniforms are legible. Thank you for your words. Can't wait to show you guys what's next
  9. The Phoenix suns are the next team in my series. Stayed similar in the striping with what Nike gave them. New logo on the shirts and new waist band design. C&C welcome!
  10. Here’s the San Antonio Spurs!! I love their “Fiesta” color scheme so I decided to go back to that. Their new updates font with Nike is very nice and the Spurs haven’t changed their uniforms for years. I wanted to give them a more modern look which hopefully doesn’t look as bland and I certainly feel good about this one. C&C is welcome !!
  11. Just curious. Why did you decide to put shoulder stripes on the away jersey but not the home jersey? I love this idea though. Great work.
  12. Next is the the Cleveland Cavaliers. I have eliminated navy from their color scheme and went with wine and gold. I added a design to the side of the jerseys and shorts. I think this one turned out nice but I would love to hear anyone’s opinion on this. Thanks!
  13. That’s definitely what I tried to avoid while creating these. I’m glad you like them so far! Thank you for your comments!!
  14. Thank you I’m glad you do. Unfortunately with hand drawn concepts, there’s no editing unless you want to re do the whole Jersey.
  15. Minnesota Timberwolves are up next! I decided I go with their old color scheme with modern striping and hopefully this looks modern enough for them. Let’s be honest, the stripes on their current Nike jerseys are awful. “Minnesota” could be placed on the icon uniform. Enjoy! Thanks for viewing. C&C appreciated.
  16. Thank you. I’ve been doing hand drawn my whole life and just have never tried to do digital. Maybe I’ll try Inkscape. Thank you!
  17. Thanks a lot!!! I never realized how thin I made them until you said so.
  18. Thank you I'll pass it on to him. Thanks I appreciate it.
  19. Up next is the Milwaukee Bucks. This is probably my favorite one so far. "Milwaukee" should have gone on the front of the Icon edition but with hand drawing, it just doesn't fit lol. I stuck to their current color palette and went with a more modern look of their retro side striping. One of the most underrated color schemes in the NBA. Hopefully you guys like this concept as much as I do.
  20. The NBA season is officially underway tonight!!! Although we have seen plenty of the new Nike uniforms already, tonight is the real deal. There have been lots of mixed feelings with the release of many jerseys. I decided that I wanted to design my own NBA x Nike uniforms so they could look how I want them to: no sponsor patches, unique looks and a few updates. For my concepts, I had a friend create the template which I then color and design for each team. I went with a round neck for all the teams just because I think it looks the best. The NBA logo is on the back collar and hopefully the placement of the Nike logos is correct on the uniforms and shorts. Keep in mind that these are hand design and colored so once a line is drawn it's hard to erase. I tried to keep the overall look of the team similar to what they have now and just add my own spin on them. I actually started these concepts toward the end of last season and some of the player names that I put on the jerseys became incorrect as they moved teams or were traded in the off season. That caused me to have to redo some jerseys for the sake of me being a perfectionist. I don't have the entire league done yet but I will post them as they come. So, without further ado, the Atlanta Hawks Association and Icon editions. C&C is always appreciated and welcome. Enjoy!
  21. Another successful week of college football with many upsets. Here's some of the best looking games IMO
  22. Kansas State has a very underrated set IMO. And they're one of the college football untouchables along with Texas.
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