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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKAZAZep2fr/?igshid=zlvrtr71a91g
  2. The aves looked bad last night
  3. It’s feels like the islanders are being lazy
  4. Based in the Canucks rumour this what they do and it’s hot garbage
  5. if the canucks go with that stupid orca logo again people are going to lose it. Just go with a blue flying v or a green stick in rink. Dont know why this team loves the orca
  6. Is every jersey going to be the same template with that stupid shoulder thing
  7. that logo belongs in the ECHL, worst logo they have
  8. Canucks will probably end up doing a green jersey like this concept, will only with a green helmet
  9. Its a jersey that fan made, was seeing if people would fall for it.
  10. MOD EDIT: Fake/obvious fan creation. Please don't post purposefully misleading information.