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  1. @GMarshall20 I don't want him gone. Ever. I've said from the beginning the people who want Cutch gone cause he slumps are stupid.

  2. @GMarshall20 Sorry for being happy that my team put up 6 runs on arguably the best pitcher in baseball coming into the year... My bad

  3. There's an MFin pikachu on my counter... Pokemon GO is going to ruin my life. https://t.co/CR8EY3IVZO

  4. First year of college developed a whole new respect for college athletes. Don't know how you guys/girls do it. https://t.co/mmpaBkb68C

  5. RT @LukeBickerstaff: Holy :censored: https://t.co/yIFhJ9tNBq

  6. Shoutout to all the middle schoolers whose crushes won't show up to watch the fire works with them tonight. Heartbreaking.

  7. I also like to ramble late at night on Twitter.

  8. @SportsTalkFeed well would you look at that ?☕️ https://t.co/OAIc9qQbgj

  9. @brandon_koch1 @TrunkClub @calliefish how much was all that?

  10. RT @stromer19: Here you go everyone... As promised an embarrassing pic of @cmcdavid97 keep voting!! #NHL17McDavid https://t.co/4j1eDT6Dyj

  11. Pirates fan, but I gotta respect the @johnny_beisbol8 hustle. ✊?

  12. ? https://t.co/NYxtHzGY59

  13. @FirstWorldPains how

  14. RT @Future_Dilf: $100 dollars says prince dies in the next 2 weeks.

  15. @joe_block got class in the morning. May have to take your advice again: https://t.co/WnhnjjS9JT

  16. @davvnjohnston Ramen

  17. Why can't the buccos do this every game ?

  18. Let's goooooooooo @PMyers_27 ????????? https://t.co/hm6Qbu0v5k

  19. RT @ARizzo44: Giving away an autographed box of RizzOs. RT for a chance to win! @jewelosco https://t.co/9XAMvoRbus

  20. @amclose05 Kobe. Warriors will be around forever. Pens game is a series.

  21. RT @Cubs: @Reds Noted. https://t.co/J4DFaNZg7T

  22. RT @austin__36: @SportsCenter @SN_Ohio @espn https://t.co/eNhDM1MIKb

  23. @SportsTalkFeed 2016 MLB Division, Playoff, and Award Predictions https://t.co/k5WCzB7nhM https://t.co/Fhr4VCCS1t

  24. @johnlegend @bomani_jones https://t.co/CZE0ga6jc3

  25. Patience tastes bitter, but the aftertaste is so sweet.