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  1. @nordiques. Anything new with the pads the last couple weeks?
  2. @nordiques any chance they throw yellow on the away and alt last minute ?
  3. Ya I agree, it definitely needs to be on all the unis with the exception of the digital camp unis. I really hope it part of their last minute changes.
  4. From what I heard from Friday's Dennis Lin chat from SD Union tribune was they are still "touching up last minute details" from what I remember at least. I wonder if they are putting yellow on the away unis last minute or if it's definitely too late. I'm hoping they fix it. It's the only thing bugging me.
  5. I can't get over the fact that the Padres aren't putting yellow on the other unis. Smh
  6. From what I'm hearing. Just for the home uni though. I believe he said the away and alt uni will still use the current cap without yellow.
  7. Thanks man. I guess that's not too bad. Just wondering if the current road unis would look ok with the new hats with the yellow D.
  8. Wha about the away unis though? So the homes have a little yellow. But the alt and digi are the same?
  9. Will the Pads use the yellow D hat with the road unis also? Is there any changes on the road or home alt? Thanks for the comments btw
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