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  1. where do you find the old school facemask one's?
  2. because the rich and powerful told them not to bother. No one has an original idea to begin with. Its all borrowed
  3. could have just gone to Sears to by the teams socks. No one didnt have a pair of those
  4. i'm not the one who decided on the spandex either lol the whole, we invented tight sleeves to prevent holding didnt work either. watch an entire game at the line. all they do is hold the shoulders and in the process got rid of the design of good jersey stripes
  5. who's in bed with who in these designs? I really dont understand the motivation behind them? look like div 3 college.
  6. The Chicago Blitz were a professional indoor football team based in Villa Park, Illinois. The Blitz were most recently members of American Indoor Football in 2015 and 2016 and the Continental Indoor Football League in 2014
  7. it makes obvious sense. The grey is like both armor or money/coins. A little gothic like the LA Kings. Silver and gold for Medieval kings or something lol. They must be just teasing with the gloves.that will change. fact is this uni will change in a couple years anyway like they do with all expansion teams or moved teams. To make more money off people grabbing the new design
  8. showing the tiny writing on the Jersey doesnt do anything for anyone but the uniform is a tad interesting as long as that as far as they go. I think I like the old facemask grey
  9. I like Denvers helmet. The uniform bites weenie
  10. Or Isaac Curtis. No,you are not alone. An unheralded black jersey next to Pitt and Raiders.
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