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  1. Wew lawd... Just saw the Cowboys unis. This place is going to be a madhouse tomorrow. Those pants... Carolina actually looks pretty sharp. But geez louise Dallas, would it have killed you to just go straight throwback instead of hybrid like that... yikes.
  2. Whistleblowing because this might be the final crook of sports fans who live the simplicity of the current NFL right now. Color Rush is a test on multiple facets. It is intended to test if fans are open to one off uniforms, if fans are open to brighter colors, and how fans respond to the aesthetic of teams essentially wearing onesies. Everything has come back better than could have ever been anticipated. You wouldn't even believe me if I told you how many gold Jaguars jerseys have sold. We're on the brink of a new looking NFL. Much like the last one, we can once again blame Denver. The way their fans embraced orange almost unilaterally lead to testing brighter colors as primary unification for several teams in focus groups and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Very soon you are going to see a team that wears a bright primary uniform, a dark secondary, and delegates white to alternate. The NFL will be much brighter. But expect more one offs. Expect more color on color to creep into Sundays, the post season, and even the Super Bowl. Five years from now we'll all look back at 2015 color rush and comment how tame it was. Unless something causes the final three games to be less than a hit.