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  1. Chris Angel is trending but its spelled Criss Angel

  2. RT @evboogie: Twenty five years ago today, Menace II Society was released in theaters.

  3. It's weird how I'm constantly surprised by the passage of time when it's literally the most predictable thing in the universe

  4. Why black people always turn a kids party into an adults party after 7:30 pm the drinks change the music change everything different ??

  5. Drew Carey and Randy look like brothers on the price is right

  6. RT @bomani_jones: kinda want the cavs to win in 5 so perk can stunt on drake.

  7. The last two Heisman winners the 1st and last picks of the first round #NFLDraft18

  8. Does the Pillsbury Doughboy wear clothes?

  9. Before I fade away I hit 'em with the stutter step

  10. The :censored: you walking I just apologize to two dogs i just caught :censored:ing

  11. Why dont lotion commercials use black people in them

  12. She was sitting on that big booty but I was thinking what that mouth do

  13. got some niggas in reserve like I'm deep in Iraq

  14. I was in the middle of chick fil a and I get a message from someone like a brother that made a little emotional

  15. That tag match #njSSE