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  1. Small update to '71 AFC Playoff Dolphins/Chiefs - I saw it recently and apparently K.C. made the hashmarks and the football on Miami's side of the field their colors
  2. My guess is it's the 40th anniversary of the Browns last championship in 1964 which was against the Colts
  3. Nah they had painted endzones in 1969-70, just in block letters saying the team name (Apparently we can't even say it anymore) https://imgur.com/xExINiB
  4. Great thread....I was puttering around and thought I'd make a retro Super Bowl field (1972-75) for Chiefs-49ers
  5. Small update to the '68 Chiefs field I made awhile back: There were red and gold bunting markings in the hash marks (Like the early Super Bowls) and small arrowheads at the 40s it appears after reviewing the Chiefs' '68 yearbook.
  6. He's right. Arrowhead did not have the direction markers on the field until 1973. Actually that was the first year for anyone to have them and I read they were mandatory by 1978. Anyways, here's some photos from '72 with the Chiefs against the Dolphins and their home finale against Baltimore:
  7. Pro Bowl fields: 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1980
  8. Raiders fields 1968-1 1968-2 1968-3 1969 1970 1971 1972-77 1978-81
  9. Done. Re-added from another photo site. I'll try to add others I've done later.
  10. Seeing the 1958 NFL Championship made me try my hand at the 1966 NFL Championship: Insert image from URL
  11. I know it's very monochromatic, but I like this version of a Bears endzone in Super Bowl XX instead of a Red-Orange background. Gives more contrast to the field:
  12. Always wondered what the old Bengals helmet would look like in the Super Bowl so I made one up:
  13. I guess that means your calling mine inaccurate and assume I didn't put time into my work.
  14. Also couple Pro Bowl fields: 1974 in Kansas City 1980 in Honolulu
  15. Couple minor edits to some of the Raider fields I posted earlier: 1968 Early 1968 Midseason (Heidi Bowl) 1968 Playoff 1969 1970 1971
  16. Few more Pro Bowl fields from the '70s: 1976 Pro Bowl - New Orleans 1977 Pro Bowl - Seattle 1978 Pro Bowl - Tampa
  17. Since it's Pro Bowl week, I tried the 1975 Pro Bowl from the Miami Orange Bowl. Not spot on with the wordmark but pretty close:
  18. Thought I'd try my hand at some old Raiders fields: 1968 Raiders Early: 1968 Raiders Late/Playoff 1969 Raiders 1970 Raiders 1971 Raiders 1972-81 Raiders
  19. Couple corrections: 1979 early/mid regular season field had 5 small red stars around the Cowboys star at midfield and during the 1979-80 regular season, the endzones had "Texas Stadium" spelled out in them during the year. I took a crack at them a few months back. Here are some photos:
  20. A couple of new historical playoff fields since it's playoff time: 1971 NFC Championship 1973 NFC Championship
  21. Couple minor changes: KC and Pit used the same field as the week before vs the Jets. Against the Bengals in week 7, all I could find was the gold background with black Steelers 70 using photos and videos. Other endzone is guess.
  22. I got a good look at the GB-PIT game in '70 - Black background with gold hypocycloids and gold background with black Steelers 70 opposite.
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