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  1. FDW


    In 2007, the Raiders drafted a Walrus.
  2. Why Billings and Boise over Sacramento and Portland?
  3. It’s 1986. The St Louis Football Cardinals have just shocked the Nation by moving to Oklahoma City. Reggie White, Minister of Defense, is causing mayhem left and right in Philadelphia, and has made a name for himself in the NFL by ending the career of Giants QB Phil Simms. Joe Montana, Bill Walsh, and Eddie DeBartolo are dominating Bay Area football. A certain team owner is about to apply some common sense and understanding with what might be the best athlete of all time. And Mike Ditka just established himself as the most overrated head coach of all time by blowing out The Jets in Super Bowl XX. “Wait, what?” You say. “I thought The Cheatriots got murderlated by DA BURRS.” You see, this is Alternate History. Were not following the rules of this so called destiny. Were blazing our own trail, creating our twists. In this world The New England didn’t make the playoffs in 1985, and neither The Los Angeles Raiders for that matter. Keep this in mind, because this small shift in the wind is going to big, big changes for these two franchises, and the even more massive, Geological scale changes for the NFL at large. This is FDW, I’m the writer for The Football Landscape. Alongside Uglybus and Neoprankster, we are a series that features an alternate development of the NFL, one that goes in a dramatically different direction from the league that you know and love (and hate too, especially Rodger Goodell). While the changes don’t seem big right now, I guarantee you that things will snowball, and snowball hard. Hope you enjoy the ride!
  4. SB XXXVII, by keeping Chucky a Raider, the team stays relevant for the rest of the 2000's.
  5. The NFL really needs more Gay FanFiction. It just makes too much sense.
  6. Because that would make sense, and Mark doesn't want any of that :censored:.
  7. It largely depends on when and how the NFL and USFL end up merging. It's easier to go through a list of what teams would not make it in the NFL (The Pittsburgh Maulers, The Denver Gold, The Boston and New Orleans (but not Portland) Breakers, The Oklahoma Outlaws, The Tampa Bay Bandits, The Philadelphia Stars, The Washington Federals, and The Houston Gamblers)
  8. Glad to see this back! Interesting to see another persons ideas on how a pro-american football league could arise in Europe. I've done a fair bit of thinking on the subject myself.
  9. The San Diego and San Antonio rumors are Mark throwing a tantrum over not getting LA. It's only going to get worse for him from here on out.
  10. Oh the Irony! LA Rams fans are embracing the very man responsible for taking their team away in the first place.
  11. A new day has dawned before the NFL. This whole stupid saga has finally come to it's climax, now for the finale.
  12. It sure as hell isn't going to be quiet. The Raiders ownership change is going to be a big mess.
  13. I wonder if, part of this agreement, that the Rams and Chargers build the stadium with their own money and their portion of the NFL's G4 $200 million loan goes to the Raiders (giving them $600 million) in their quest in trying to build a stadium. I know the Raiders haven't been looking to build a stadium, but if $600 million were suddenly available, perhaps they go that route? They're not going to give any money, or any thumbs up to build a stadium anywhere unless Mark sells. That's the reason why LA is getting solved so fast, the NFL owners collectively want Mark out of their club more badly than anything else.
  14. FDW

    Pokemon Logo Project

    This reminds me of the "Digital Football League" idea I've had bouncing around in my head. Maybe I should try to learn how to use photoshop.
  15. Mark has been running it profitably, The numbers on Forbes attest to that. The real why he's going to have to sell is that none of the other owners want him there.