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  1. I like that bengals concept btw but yea that type of angle would work better
  2. honestly I loved the old skull flag concept, maybe a bit bigger on the helmet. The new skull looks like terminator lol not fond of it. I will tweak it some.
  3. Yea but wanted to mess with some font and change it up some. Its hard because the browns can be done a million different ways but the traditional look still looks the best
  4. My attempt and the Cleveland Browns. Always wanted to mess around with their stuff. Left one sleeve diff from the other to get opinions on which looks better. Tell me what you think, I am still working on the helmet and pants.
  5. Ok lol i will leave it then. Changed the old ship to the new
  6. Id it was part of the pant design. Forgot to color them in lol. Idk*
  7. Hahah will swap that out and re post. Found a better pewter color to use also.
  8. Hahahha thanks everyone. The socks would be red yep. The numbers are the same mesh looking as the new ones. I like that area from the new ones. Agin, just a blend of old and new. I actually talked to a chineese company and they said they could make my concept a real jersey lol. Might do it.
  9. ok here it is changed with the color. I am working on a leg stripe deal.
  10. for some reason its looking black but in PS it shows pewter. Let me fix it. I wasnt to fond of the nameplate either I will work on the letters for that.
  11. ok big bucs fan here for about 25 years. Not a huge fan of the new uniforms so I took the old and mixed the new and came up with this. Let me know what you guys think, and if you want another team done let me know. Click the pic to show more detail.