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  1. the only change i'd make to the thunder would probably be making the away "oklahoma city" letters a wee bit wider so they could be easier to read.
  2. Hi. I am fairly new to the board and was wondering who made your silverware banners for Arsenal and PSG? Those are very nicely done. Is there someone on the board who creates them based on requests or did you create them. I have seen a few people have the same type of signatures on the board. I am an Arsenal, Portland Timbers and Victoria Highlanders FC supporter.



  3. Today is a good day for basketball uniforms.
  4. Since rveryone had been slapping lightning bolts on logos i threw my hat in the ring. The Chargers!
  5. Uglybus

    NHL 2017-18

    Yea, this is what i was thinking. It could be like soccer in Europe.
  6. Uglybus

    NHL 2017-18

    What if the teams could choose what they wanted to wear at home?
  7. The L needs to be a a lot bigger after this whole fiasco.
  8. What if the Premier League pulled an MLS and gave each team a different colored lion?
  9. I think that goes to the NHL. They still haven't recovered from the dark ages of the Edge template.
  10. I thought they were bowl game locations that rotated like the semifinals.
  11. Why is the Championship in Tampa? Edit: Nevermind.
  12. My school is called the Antlers.