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  1. Awesome work. I like the traditional designs and the piping on the sleeves for every team are well done.
  2. The drop shadow on the numbers really makes a difference. I'm beginning to sour on the current set because of the black alt and the striping issues. also the niners set is very simple but when we have been losing this much over the years, the uni set can look very unappealing
  3. I think the alt they had years ago was poorly executed, they were the first start off the sleeve trend. But if they took the sleeves off, have matching color shorts and remove the pinstripes then it would have been a good alt.
  4. BFBS for the Niners shouldn't be part of the team's colors, it fits better with the Raiders!. SF should stop trying to take everything that's from Oakland However, the all white look is a better fit for them. It was a part of their identity during their last Super Bowl run and the color is part of the logo.
  5. The away uni are the best from the set. I like how bright the green is now with their new set
  6. Very clean look to the Rockets' identity. I'll have the Rockets script in bold. Having yellow make a huge difference for the uniform. Good Work!
  7. Can mix matching combo uni work in basketball? At the moment, the examples we have now aren't well received like warriors a few years back and hawks.
  8. good start with your concepts. the Cardinals looks the best so far. with the Ravens' pants stripe, its hard to tell flag pattern at first glance.
  9. The wordmark is looks great. It looks very clean and has a greek feel to it. I think the points on N needs to be reduced because it throws the wordmark off balance a little bit. For the logo, I think having just the helmet of your titan logo will look better. Overall it is a good start, workmark is keeper for me and face logo needs changing
  10. the Niners should go in the same direction as the Saints. I think black should stick in Oakland.
  11. the texans' field looks great on tv