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  1. The magic should get a secondary logo to go with the streaking ball.
  2. I can't stop noticing how the socks are now that they are brought up
  3. I like the crest logo. I think having the candy wavy will go well to match with the logo.
  4. I like it. I'm thrown off by the bottom silhouette not in the same position as the other logos.
  5. Nice updated to their logo. I like that they went with the shoes design as the base for the logo Via: https://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/faux_crocs_redesign.php
  6. I like Mariners' script without the arches that's the only thing I took from it.
  7. The updated script looks nice with the outline. It make a big difference from the previous ones.
  8. I agree the black jersey is underrated. Their identity was evolving similar to Raptors that season, both made changes from the expansion uni set. Always wonder how the fan base and unis would have turned out if they have stayed couple more season when they drafted Shane Battier and Pau Gasol in 2001.
  9. The D'backs set looks great. I really like the past color scheme compare to their current ones.
  10. Great work on the Rockets concept. I like the ketchup and mustard color scheme the most. I think the design with the current color scheme looks great but I basketball is hard to see from the background. I want to see how the concept will look with 90s cartoon version of the rocket.
  11. I thinking using sunburst on the Nashville seal will be a good replacement for the flames.
  12. I don't like that the Warriors are putting San Francisco on the baseline. I think the Warriors are more of Oakland's team than San Francisco's. Stick with Golden State and represent the Bay Area.
  13. When Rob Beck, a closer for the Giants in the early 90s, was with the Cubs for a season. It looked like the right uniform for him. But it can also be said for some Giants who sign with the Cubs also like Dusty Baker.
  14. Great work on the concepts. The city edition set look very well put together.
  15. Nike is about to give all NBA teams an identity crisis if that Jazz jersey real.
  16. Steve Smith and any veteran who signs with the Ravens seems to fit with their looks.
  17. Old: New: Via :https://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/new_name_and_logo_for_jamba.php
  18. I like the Wild logo without the red and cream colors, it looks more clearer than their current version. I like the call back to the North Star color scheme. The zig zag on the sleeve is a good concept but it seems of of place this uniform. Overall I really like the look, I want to see how the addition of red for the stripes will look instead of yellow.
  19. the side panels that was inspired by the Gemini rocket was such a good design. I don't know why they didn't transition it to the new uni.
  20. Awesome work with the Brewers concept. I like the script for the updated version, it match well with the numbers compare with the first one. I really like the barrelman striping for the first concept.
  21. the away uni needs to be adopted full time.
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