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  1. the side panels that was inspired by the Gemini rocket was such a good design. I don't know why they didn't transition it to the new uni.
  2. Awesome work with the Brewers concept. I like the script for the updated version, it match well with the numbers compare with the first one. I really like the barrelman striping for the first concept.
  3. the away uni needs to be adopted full time.
  4. I thought the upgrade was good. The skull looks much better than the previous. to
  5. The wordmark looks very good. Colors scheme fit really well with their identity.
  6. Little Big League movie was first time ever seeing the Twins. I always connect this movie with the team every time I watch them play.
  7. New Orleans alt logos made me a fan of the team. The fleur-de-lis and NOLA font were the best from their identity to me.
  8. I never seen the niners use the looney toons alt logo. They even recolor it, I think I only seen this logo in Madden.
  9. The Larry O'brien looks nice. It reminds me of the 97 finals patch. I like how the Western and Eastern Conference Finals word marks makes the WCF and ECF horizontally.
  10. I think having the NOLA on the stripes and having the number on the chest area can give it more balance. Also using dark blue instead of grey to fit with the team colors but also maintaining the 'night' theme. I like the concept you are doing with the jersey. It's continuing the earn and statement template and I can see it being an identity for them.
  11. I love the script. The uni looks clean and its a great concept
  12. The Dallas All Star looks great. I like the font you used, it's reminds me of the 80s and it has a soap opera feel it also.
  13. Awesome work! I really like where you went with the alternates. The Sabers' set is looks realy nice. Subliminal flagship design is best out of the four. I'm not sold on the Miami Vice for the Panthers. It's hard to make out the leaping panther in neon.
  14. I like the logo. the state outline and CB together is something I haven't seen done for the Browns before.
  15. Good job on the redesigns! Keep it up. I'm hoping to see more of your work and designs in the future.
  16. Looks really nice. Big upgrade to the last panther logo they had.
  17. I would like to see them use the trident logo for home wins like the Cubs do with W flag. Seem more fitting and I think it maintains the logo history of the trident without needing to change it.
  18. The helmets for Maryland looks good, its less busy now. I agree that having the wordmark would be better than having the numbers.
  19. Looking at the logo, it looks like pixels up close. I like the concept of using checkered pattern in the P. Have you thought of using elements from the Indy 500? I think using the bricks will be a good way of giving the design a unique concept.
  20. The partial logo looks great. I like how simple it is and how it can easily be recognized as the Mariners identity on its own, its an improvement on the current one too. Overall, the designs looks clean and modern with twist of the past with the word mark style. I want to see how the yellow will look on the home, away and alt but I'm thinking its unnecessary.
  21. the Texans concept looks very simliar to the falcons current set. I think having the facemask either red or having the shell white. Also having stars on the sleeves will make a difference.