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  1. Are these templates available to use?
  2. Tennessee, FSU, LSU, Oregon, Ohio State, and Mississippi State?
  3. does anyone have a nike mach speed, speed machine with flywire collar, vapor untouchable or adidas techfit template that works with paint?
  4. Does anyone have a nike or adidas football template that works in paint?
  5. Amazing job on all these concepts! What's next? Maybe the non power 5 conferences?
  6. I would say that this thread was very successful. I really enjoyed seeing all these come out every few days. Keep it up!
  7. Overall, I like what you did with the smokey gray alt, but the gray is a little too dark. Great job on the SEC East though.
  8. These are very well done. I'd love to see any of these on gameday. 9.5/10. Keep it up!
  9. I really like what you did with Oregon, Oregon State, and Washington. Great job on the Pac 12 so far
  10. I love the neon green Baylor unis. Great job on the Big 12!
  11. Great job on these! 9.5/10 on the ACC, 10/10 on the Big 10. Keep it up! With Baylor, could you add a neon green set similar to their basketball unis, probably to be used against TCU or Texas?
  12. Nice job on Purdue. I like how it's simple and not too much like their current ones
  13. I have no complaints with these uniforms. The Big 10 is incredible so far. Can't wait to see what you do with the Big 12.
  14. I think that fits Rutgers very well. Nice job on the Big 10 so far
  15. So when are you gonna continue on with this?
  16. Adidas will probably do monochrome like with Louisville and Nebraska and have a couple wierd alternates like with Miami from last year and Arizona State.