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  1. personally, i don't really like monochromatic logos, but that's just wow....v.v
  2. Marvellous work, really. The Pats one is actually the lone jersey i would see them wear instead of the real ones. And great execution as well! The template is awesome (BTW, did you do that or get it somewhere?) and the numbers seems so realistic. Excellent in every way! Now with the critics Personally, i dislike the Broncos: the white lines seems....i don't know, i don't like them...also they wear orange all year long.. The same goes with KC and Oakland, not much difference with the everyday jersey. here and there, some teams are not as excellent, but i would say that you set the bar so high that some jersey just seem..."normal" (take that as a compliment!) The Boys otherwise are awesome. Again, did you do that template? i would love to use it for my Fnatasy League <3!! PS: Falcons are on the Cowboys Tier, but the Jags....just NO, please XD
  3. Sure, i'm working out another two but i don't want to submit something incomplete! think in a few days i could come up with something ready to post!
  4. Red on the Boyz is a nice add, and i like also the white facemask....but i miss the wooden stripe on the helmet....i must think about it
  5. Ok. I tried a lighter (almost white) outline on the bandits wordmark and i edited the image in the first post. I would like to thank you for the critics but unfortunately the owner of the Bandits absolutely love the pants oversized logo so i cannot change it . Now for the next two concepts, i was totally free on the first one and, as i said before, i was asked to use "Gold" and "Checks" for the second one so.....that's what i came up with... A pretty standard color palette for one of the founders of the league, based in Buccinasco that is a small neighborhood of Milan. There's a strong Japan feel in this uni, and everything here really revolves around the helmet. You can't notice it here, but the striping is really unique, mimicking two trigrams from the I Ching (Wind and Thunder). Actually u can have a hint of that on the pants striping. Again the logo is just a recoloring from the Oakland Raiders rebrand by OspreyDawn. The second concept is for a team based in Como, the famous city on the shores of the Como Lake. I tried to include the checkered pattern in a "Maryland Flag" way, and taking inspiration from there i embodied the incipit from "Promessi Sposi" on the gold background. The two thompsons in the logo were, as you can imagine, requests from the team owner
  6. These two are from Monza and Vimercate (you can read Monza and Vime in the word marks), that are two town near Milan, where the two owners actually live. But there's no connection between the cities and the selection of logos o color palettes, I just got some indications from the owners and tried to work my way around as best as i could (you will notice later, with the Boyz concept that i'll soon upload, that sometimes the indications were awful XD).
  7. Thanks for the opinions! I know the logo-on-pants is something really not in line with NFL or even NCAA image, you think i can solve the problem making it more subtle? On the other hand, i really like the striping around the helmet, it kinda reminds me the one from Seattle....
  8. i think there's a little problem on the left serif of the big A. it looks to me like if two shapes are overlapping. Other than that, i think that's a major upgrade both in design and readability.
  9. Hello Everyone! First of all I want to thank you all for being a great inspiration and a great source of material and ideas. Let's start with the credits (I hope I'm not breaking any rule with these) • The jersey template is from BucksFan from this forum • The helmet template is from the great Davidson • I largely used the fonts by Conrad • You'll notice i suck at creating logos, so every logos take inspiration from images taken from the web and modified or retraced in Illustrator I tried to create some complete branding for the teams in my fantasy football league, and i'd love to have some advice and critics from you all. The idea was to have some "NFL ready" brands but with a NCAA feel. I do NOT had the possibility to choose team names, so sorry in advance for some "NSFW" puns. And sorry for my english, i'm italian So, let's go with the first two teams: The flying skull logo is a retrace of some image from the web. The helmet has a carbon fiber pattern with a pearl red and orange effect activated with light reflection. Every silver spot has a metallic finish. This second team is strongly inspired by the Dredd's uniforms and the Navy helmets, with golden wings on the shoulders and bright red details. I tried to experiment a bit with TV numbers on the undershirt. If anyone wants to try something with the logos and lend me some help i would be really happy to watch and listen. That's my first post, so tell me if i've done something wrong (i hope not).
  10. That's lovely. I think that a liiiiiiiiiiiitle thinner purple line would make the gold pop way more, but that's just an opinion
  11. I think "Samurais" would be more in line with the logo, tough. BTW excellent logo and unis!
  12. Awesome. Someone should do this with NFL ASAP.