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  1. personally, i don't really like monochromatic logos, but that's just wow....v.v
  2. Marvellous work, really. The Pats one is actually the lone jersey i would see them wear instead of the real ones. And great execution as well! The template is awesome (BTW, did you do that or get it somewhere?) and the numbers seems so realistic. Excellent in every way! Now with the critics Personally, i dislike the Broncos: the white lines seems....i don't know, i don't like them...also they wear orange all year long.. The same goes with KC and Oakland, not much difference with the everyday jersey. here and there, some teams are not as excellent, but i would say that you set the bar so high that some jersey just seem..."normal" (take that as a compliment!) The Boys otherwise are awesome. Again, did you do that template? i would love to use it for my Fnatasy League <3!! PS: Falcons are on the Cowboys Tier, but the Jags....just NO, please XD
  3. That's lovely. I think that a liiiiiiiiiiiitle thinner purple line would make the gold pop way more, but that's just an opinion
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