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  1. @DineshDSouza Or slaves were taken.

  2. @thomas_aliya @realDonaldTrump Was I wrong though. Because it seems I won.

  3. @TrumpIsKnownAs @FoxNews @realDonaldTrump Great. We'll keep that in mind. I'm just happy we're seeing the end of a…

  4. @w_terrence Spiderman dies in infinity war

  5. @ohyoumadcuz Nope check again.

  6. @Ambrosia4Greeks Well considering that most gun attacks occur with handguns and blacks commit the majority of gun c…

  7. @kaylalalaj Oddly enough the population of polar bears has multiplied by 6 in last 20 years despite this

  8. @BiracialTweets @BleacherNation Not a troll, just overdramatic.

  9. @Cubs @albertalmora @WContreras40 @Addison_Russell True but it's only the Brewers

  10. RT @NFL_Memes: RT to have both a Giants & Browns fan :censored: their pants #AprilFools

  11. @Cubs Still on pace for 162-0

  12. @ilovesoros @QuantumFlux1964 Saying ":censored: blacks" or "kill the Jews" is, and should not be illegal. They have radic…

  13. @AskPlaystation my account is messed up or something. I had my auto-fill info in the id and password bar and it sai…

  14. @ClaireAllan 1. Of course, he would say this, is he supposed to say, yes, kill them all? 2. Not having the intentio…

  15. @Boogie2988