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  1. Who getting tired of the pop-up banner ads during games ? More specifically, the ads that appear on Sportsnet during this year's NHL games. There are banners across the top of the TV screen and there are square ads on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Then, there are ads virtually placed behind the nets. Even announcers are mentioning sponsors during whistles. The same happens for baseball and football games. It's not so bad for basketball because the TV cameras have to focus on the small court. These Subliminal advertising ads are messing with my mind. El Pollo Loco, I mean, what are your thoughts ?
  2. NAL

    NHL Kid's Parody Logos

    Well ... there goes my playoff hockey pool and team bracket. Congrats to the Nashville Predators' upset of the Anaheim Ducks. Here's the Predators version of a kid's parody logo ... the Nashville Kitty Preds.
  3. I made some toddlers' parody hockey logos for the remaining NHL playoff teams and would like positive and negative design critiques on them. Anaheim Rubber Pucks, Dallas Kid Sheriffs, San Jose Puck Fins, PiToTsburgh PiToTs, New York IslandToTs, Tampa Bay ToT-Bolts, Washington Castles, St. Louis Blue Notes. Thank you for your time.