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  1. So why doesn't the Army go after Clarkson University then too? Or is it the combo of name and "similar" logo?
  2. With all the banter about the Pitt-Philly rivalry and the Keystone, I wonder if the Flyers will end up having one on their Stadium Series jersey too (presuming we are right that they will not just wear their 50th Anny. ones). NBC and the NHL have at times referenced the intrastate rivalry so I wonder if in the design process they might have decided that there be some sort of synergy between the uniforms. Possibly a keystone with City of Brotherly Love on it (not saying it would look good necessarily). Just a thought.
  3. Regarding the people commenting that Nike and the NFL should have planned other color combos to avoid using white for most teams, I think you are losing sight of the fact that the teams and specifically the owners have a lot of say too. For instance with my Chiefs (even though they aren't one of the teams affected, just using them to make a point), if Nike came to Clark Hunt and said you guys are wearing yellow I'm sure he had the right to say no we're not.
  4. Seems like the Steelers are wearing theirs on Christmas (a Sunday) so it isn't farfetched to think even non TNF games will get the color rush treatment. EDIT: Now realizing this game is part of the official TNF package - Take back that comment.
  5. The other night in the game vs the Ducks when they unveiled all of the 50th anniversary plans, Comcast Philly had a commercial with a similar promo with Giroux wearing the jersey it appears he's wearing in the photo above. It was more of a side on photo at the shoulder and I could have sworn that it was clear that the orange was just a shoulder yoke with a white uniform underneath. Can't remember if there was a black dividing stripe similar to the 80s-90s jerseys and of course I've since deleted the game from my DVR so I can't come up with a screen shot.
  6. Is that second point a new rule this year? The Chiefs played in Oakland on a Thursday night last season. Wasn't aware of that.