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  1. Here is my favorite team that I made the Memphis Pharaohs! I didn't want to post all of them simply because I'm not to proud of them. It may look simple but I quite like it. Here is the rest of the league I'M NOT FINISHED so the gray boxes are not made yet.
  2. Can I have a Tom Brady one please and the Patriots 4 championships -thx
  3. hope ther will be a Brady Palmer super bowl. I like both of those teams so win win situation. Unfortunately Panters look really good. Crossed fingers! hope for the best!
  4. Nice logo like the idea with Crist the Redeemer. Neat that you got the colors from the flag. Good logo
  5. Like the logo but something about the yellow on the head is off. I do like the color and the word mark, also the idea of the ram facing forward is neat. Nice, keep up the good work.
  6. Took down because logos were corrupt?!
  7. Brotato

    NHL Redesign

    Nice, like the Sabers logo. Looks good with the blue and yellow colors.
  8. Brotato


  9. Nice idea really like the away uniform and personaly like the LA home uniforms better than the current ones. Also like the color of both. Keep up the good work.