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  1. All of the Fox Sports RSNs are rebranding, which will mean new graphics:
  2. They should permanently make that helmet part of the rotation.
  3. Ball State will debut new black jersey tonight against Eastern Michigan
  4. Good look at the Madden 21 score package on the second slide.
  5. Not sure if this has been covered, but NFL has made a slight change to the official game balls.
  6. CBS was to debut a new graphics package for March Madness, but now we have to wait another year to see it.
  7. Didn’t know if posted already, but the second slide leaks the All Star court.
  8. Purdue will wear special uniforms honoring late superfan Tyler Trent on Jan. 24 vs Wisconsin.... Here is the front of the jersey.
  9. A school in my area also rips off this logo
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