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  1. I like the logo a lot, maybe change the suspenders into overalls to give it more a youth look? Also I'd love to see a full series of this with jerseys and a fictional "Youth NHL" type thing.
  2. Digging Minnesota's home, but the away is a little busy, maybe use just white/green? Also I feel like adidas would make at least three jerseys per team, not just a home and away. Looking forward to the rest of these!
  3. This would be a great set, modern mixed with classic. My only critique on the uniforms themselves is the captain patch on the away uniform, maybe try filling it with red? I also really like the overall presentation of these uniforms, but the pixelated edges take my eyes away from the uniform.
  4. Very well done! The only critique I have is that I feel like the striped leaf would be hard to see from a distance.
  5. Welp this is going to win the contest! Great job!
  6. Thanks for the feedback on the first concept, here comes the second! Again, please give some critique!
  7. Hey all, BRX here. It's been quite some time since I last made a concept but I'm giving it another go. This time I'm going to be designing a "90's third" for the NHL teams not included in the third jersey program of the 1995-96 season. I'm going in alphabetical order so up first is the Sabres and next will be the Flames. Please leave some feedback!
  8. The Predators home is amazing. I like the yellow as an away. The alternate jersey is creative but I can't see hitting the ice. What about using the blue as a home, yellow as an alternate and cream as an away? Just a thought.
  9. BRX

    NHL-AHL Merge! (2/30)

    The logo is similar to Hershey's logo and the striping is similar.
  10. BRX

    Portland Sawbucks NHL

    These are great. Is the player template public?
  11. BRX

    NHL-AHL Merge! (2/30)

    Better? or should I take out the vertical blue stripes as well?
  12. BRX

    NHL-AHL Merge! (2/30)

    Here I have the finished Washington Capitals/Hershey Bears Merge! I kept the Capitals color scheme and city, but changed the name to the Eagles, a fitting name for a Washington team. The animal name is to fit the Hershey Bears' name. C/C Appreciated! -BRX
  13. I think the shade used in the Wild concept would count as white, but a darker shade would look sweet.
  14. BRX

    NHL-AHL Merge! (2/30)

    Finished the logo for Washington, any feedback? (Yes, I changed the name, to fit the Bears' animal names)