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  1. Anyone notice the Tribe's promo photos show the Indians wearing the home unis with the navy bock C cap. Actually doesn't look bad. Wonder if the home Chief cap already phased out.
  2. The dark gray road hat has the full wordmark / logo on it. Who does that? Totally looks like a souvenir hat, not an on field hat of a professional baseball team.
  3. Why can't we have trim on numbers / wordmarks anymore?
  4. Sorry, midnight navy (not blue) either way,great move by the Tribe.
  5. Absolutely love the midnight blue alt jerseys. And why is not everyone happy that the Indians have standardized their blue color across their uniform set? I personally think a great move.
  6. If real, interesting that the number font doesn't quite match up to the new wordmark font.
  7. Given the Sharks record in running their AHL clubs. I mean their tenure running the Cleveland BaronSharks was awful. I am sure an AHL team playing in the same arena in San Jose will do fairly well.
  8. Are you sure that's a white mask? I absolutely hope so, but that could still be gray (given the sunlight). If it is white, and with the Tribe going to midnight navy across the board, would be a good uni weekend for this Cleveland fan.
  9. Biloxi Beacon kind of sounds like an old WFL name. Like Shreveport Steamer. To be honest, I don't hate it.
  10. 19 Why Chris Palmer didn't call a timeout there before they bearly got that field goal off, I will never figure that out. But Dawson made it. And the Browns revenged the opening night drudging by beating the Steelers at Three Rivers. What a wacky victory. But I will still take those 1999 unis over the current drab Browns garb.
  11. 1999 Cleveland Browns Haha. Not to be too picky, but that is not 1999. (No 1999 Browns return patch)...
  12. As one of the earlier posts on this thread mentioned, I think the set they had when they came back in 1999 was perfect. The switch to the faux black, dull orange, and gray facemasks in 2006 was a huge mistake. (Typical Randy Learner error). Add in the switch to the boring and ugly block wordmark was another. I would love to see the ditching of the faux black, and a return to the seal brown color along with a brighter orange, and of course white facemasks (the Browns, if you remember were one of the earlier adapters of the white fasemasks (1975)). I think that would be a HUGE upgrade. Along with an updated wordmark. Oh, and using some of that stadium naming rights money to put in some video boards that remotely represent current technology versus what we currently have (way outdated 1999 SD video boards which should have been replaced years ago). That would also be a good move.
  13. They even got the larger numbers on the back of the jerseys right. Good job.
  14. I hope so. I like the road wine and gold unis. But the home white ones, with no gold (err, 'yellow') trim on the numbers look like they are missing something (read: gold trim on the numbers and letters). Making the home unis gold (yellow) to mimic the reverse of the road unis would be a very good move in my opinion. Plus it would recall memories of the 70's home gold uni's. And for Dan G., I would guess home gold uni's would be very big sellers in the team shop. I hope the NBA lets them do it.