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  1. As a Badger fan I'm lovin' that Wisconsin concept! The retro style with "Wisconsin" & "Badgers" on the front is really clean. Fantastic work with the Duke concept too, those shorts are sweet.
  2. Here's a quick mockup of what the uniforms could look like if the Rams stick with the navy & white thing for the rebrand in 2019. I don't think it looks that bad, but royal blue & gold would still look a million times better in my opinion.
  3. Thanks @natolian10! Really appreciate the feedback! Love everyone else's feedback as well, may post an update version soon! If not, I'll probably post a concept for some other team.
  4. Hello! I've been off these forums for a while, but now that I'm back I might as well contribute! You guys might have seen my old Wisconsin concept, if you have cool, if you haven't don't try to find it, it's awful and needs to be burned. Anyways Wisconsin just recently switched to Under Armour, and as a Badger fan I was really excited for that because Adidas sucked. So I was pumped for the uniform unveilings (football and basketball in particular) and was really impressed with what UA did with everything. Except for the football uniforms! They hardly changed anything, and my biggest pet peeve is that the "wave/motion W" just seems totally out of place. I also really like it as a logo, but it just doesn't fit with Wisconsin's "brand". So, I took it upon myself to create new, more outside of the box logo and uniforms, that could still fit into Wisconsin's brand. First I designed a very simple logo, I just took the W in Wisconsin's font and just added some serifs to both sides to give them the appearance of f's. I did this because it would work with their new "Forever Forward" mantra. (I know it also kind of looks like the Wonder Woman logo but I don't care.) Then I started on the actual uniforms, and that's when it got interesting, because I wanted something totally new for Wisconsin. In these I really took the new W and the Forever Forward slogan to heart. And there you have it! Really weird, almost throwback "new" UA uniforms done on a Nike template! If you read all my rambling thanks, and if you didn't cool. C&C is greatly appreciated!
  5. My picks are all a little biased but, I don't care. Stadiums I've been too: Miller Park, Lambeau Field, Camp Randall Stadium, Kohl's Center, Citizens Bank Park, Comerica Park, Joe Lewis Arena, Notre Dame Stadium, and the Joyce Center. FAVORITE: Miller Park, by far the nicest stadium I've ever been to. The concourse is great and there really aren't any bad seats. Which is great because the Brewers suck. Honorable Mentions: Lambeau Field, Camp Randall, Notre Dame Stadium, and the Joyce Center. I also really enjoyed all these stadiums and these all had incredible atmospheres but just couldn't quite top Miller. LEAST FAVORITE: Comerica Park, at night. Overall it was a decent stadium but walking out into downtown Detroit after the game... well let's just say I was about 80% sure that I was about to be murdered.
  6. Can I get a hat signature for this Brewers hat? Minus the Spring Training patch on the side. And also if it isn't too much trouble could you make a Badgers W logo to Brewers logo poster? THANKS SO MUCH!
  7. AFC East: Love what you did with the Jets and the Dolphins. I think you've got a great start with the Bills, but it seems like it needs just a little bit more, like a sleeve stripe or something. Patriots, again love what you did with them, really creative! I just think you need to get rid of the "Flying Elvis" on the sleeves and it'd be awesome.
  8. Packers: Throwback, Away, Home the throwback is more of a joke than anything.
  9. You should definitely do Wisconsin. Love the way La Salle and Baylor look!
  10. I personally liked the stripes in the sleeve cap, but after a couple more glances I can see that you're right. Thanks for the critique and soon I'll make a final Wisconsin concept and then move on to other NCAA teams.
  11. Yep, I agree with both of you on the black issue, that's kind of what I meant when I told TVIXX that I didn't think black looked right in the uniform, but I wanted to take everyone's suggestions. Thanks for all the feedback! Comment which team you want me to do next!!!
  12. How many teams have to be in your league? I don't have an already made league but I am interesting in making one and entering one. So it would be nice to know the minimum amount of teams. Thanks