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  1. I liked Maryland's "new clown outfits," and I'm not just saying that to be a contrarian or to be an "attention grubbing fool."
  2. Interesting how you felt the need to preface your post by saying you don't care about soccer.
  3. Just my opinion, and I apologize for helping to derail the thread, but anyone who believes that needs to get their head straight and doesn't understand MLS and its current standing in the American sports landscape. Back on topic, the threading on the left side reminds me a bit of Kappa's old templates, which I loved. Joma's rendition however, I do not. I kind of get what they're trying to do in terms of honoring the team's past, but that doesn't take away from the fact that these still look like rec league team uniforms.
  4. The crest looks great. The shirt, not so much. Having a black collar would've helped. It would've complemented the "STRIKERS" word mark and Joma logo to make them seem less pronounced...although if anything, other than the fact that it mimics the original uniform, directing attention to the team's name might've been the point all along.
  5. Gradients! I didn't care much for either option, and I'm not a traditionalist. They both just seem unnecessarily gaudy, not in the design, but in their use of color.
  6. I think there are more than a few who would argue the same thing about the "flaming tack" and "pinwheel" in your signature. That being said, I definitely see your point, but the Warriors aren't the only team who are guilty of having a vague association between their nickname and their logo.
  7. horrorshow


    Anybody else feel like that reporter is trying just a tiny bit too hard? I didn't think it was too bad, in terms of the video itself, looks like someone forgot to white balance the camera prior to shooting.
  8. Nothing a few glasses of champagne won't fix...
  9. Everyone but the Galaxy, who've had a new shirt every year since Beckham arrived.
  10. I'd say the best looking of the bunch are Columbus' away duds with the yellow pinstripes. San Jose comes in a close second with their home shirts.
  11. A quick look through the Google image results reveals that Slaads come in different colors...including green! Looks like the only defense they have now is that the addition of a hockey stick constitutes enough of an alteration and frankly, that has about a snowball's chance in hell of holding up in court.
  12. That Monsters logo looks like Swamp Thing and Wolverine's lovechild, but I kind of like it.
  13. They did that because XL.com went into Administration I guess I was wrong to assume that most of the football fans on this board would have implied that I knew that.
  14. West Ham decided to sport numbers on their shirts to cover up their old sponsor instead of last week's claret block... Interesting to see an EPL club with numbers on the front. I didn't actually notice the tri-color outline while watching the match until I snagged that picture from their website.