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  1. First, he didn't mean to double post and he probably didn't even know that he did. Second, a lot of people use jersey templates on the site. Third, red is a Hurricanes color. It makes sense. Fourth, the word mark on the front is seen fine from a distance. If you also meant the lettering on the back, he maybe couldn't get the actual font.
  2. dallasstar03


    Okay, so I'm a little late, but I am getting this done: The individual confederation tournaments. They are held every year that a championship isn't. Because a championship is held every third year, it occurs on a one-two basis. For example, a tournament will be held in 2016. So that means the previous championships were held in 2013, 2010, 2007, and so on. Under this system, confederation tournaments will be held in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, and so on. Unlike the championship, which is held in cities throughout a country, the confederation tournaments are held in a single city. Qualification for each tournament is determined by a multi-segment season of sorts. Each confederation is further divided into zones, which are the rough places in which teams will play each other. The standings for each season segment are compiled into overall standings, and the top 12 teams qualify. The top 4 teams get a first-round bye. The 5th-12th place teams are seeded accordingly: 1st vs. 8th, 2nd vs. 7th, 3rd vs. 6th, and 4th vs. 5th. In the second round, the teams are reseeded 1-8, and the process is pretty much the same as the NHL and NBA playoffs. By the way, most of what is mentioned above is different for teams in Oceania, and the differences are explained below: -There are no zones. All seven teams are effectively part of one zone. -Only 6 teams make the tournaments. The seventh-place team is the only one that does not qualify. -The top 2 teams get a first round bye. -The teams are only seeded 1-4. Expect the championship details tomorrow or Saturday, but most likely Saturday. I will also unveil the cleaned-up logos, as well as the jersey I teased before. (The red one.) Before I close, I want to apologize for making the "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" part of that post. I was attempting to make a small joke, but I suppose it didn't come out the way I wanted it to. I am sorry. See you all soon. -dallasstar03
  3. dallasstar03


    Also, here's logos for Team Canada and USA.
  4. dallasstar03


    Designs eh? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Here is a logo I made for FIHO. It's even got a slogan! Tell me what you think. -dallasstar03
  5. dallasstar03


    And a little something too. -dallasstar03
  6. dallasstar03


    Okay, I forgot to mention that I would be on vacation, so now that I have blissful Internet, here are the teams and confederations. Americas: Canada USA Mexico Brazil Argentina Cuba Bahamas Haiti Dominican Republic Guatemala Belize Honduras El Salvador Nicaragua Costa Rica Panama Columbia Bolivia Paraguay Uruguay Chile Venezuela Ecuador Peru Guyana Suriname Africa: South Africa Algeria Ethiopia Morocco Egypt Tunisia Libya Mauritania Mali Senegal Niger Chad Sudan South Sudan Eritrea Somalia Kenya Tanzania Uganda Zambia Mozambique Madagascar Zimbabwe Botswana Namibia Angola DR Congo Congo Cameroon Gabon Cen. African Rep. Nigeria Benin Togo Ghana Burkina Faso Ivory Coast Liberia Guinea Sierra Leone Europe: Portugal Spain France Italy Switzerland Austria United Kingdom Ireland Netherlands Germany Belgium Czech Republic Slovakia Poland Denmark Hungary Croatia Bosnia and Herze. Serbia Slovenia Albania Greece Bulgaria Macedonia Turkey Romania Moldova Ukraine Belarus Latvia Lithuania Estonia Finland Sweden Norway Iceland Russia Asia: Kazakhstan Mongolia China North Korea South Korea Japan Taiwan/Chinese Taipei Philippines Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan Tajikstan Turkmenistan Azerbaijan Georgia Armenia Iran Iraq Syria Jordan Israel Saudi Arabia Qatar United Arab Emirates Yemen Oman Afghanistan Pakistan India Nepal Bangladesh Bhutan Myanmar Laos Vietnam Cambodia Thailand Sri Lanka Malaysia Indonesia East Timor Oceania: Austrailia New Zealand Papua New Guinea Vanuatu Micronesia Solomon Islands Fiji That's a LOT of teams for sure. You may notice that I didn't include most island countries (I was somewhat forced into using some for Oceania) or small nations. For example, half of the Caribbean nations aren't members. I hope to upload the second part of this tomorrow, but I might not be able to. Expect it on Thursday at the latest. See you then! -dallasstar03
  7. dallasstar03


    Hello everyone. With the NIHA pretty much in the toilet, I want to start something new. Its called FIHO, or Fédération Internationale de Hockey. If you guessed that it was a fictional governing body for hockey, you are correct. It will feature teams, confederations, a World Cup-esque tournament, jersey concepts, and even fictional players. First I'll talk about the organization of the federation. Like FIBA, the continents are divided into five zones: the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. The countries are further divided into subzones, where the teams will play in order to qualify for the yearly confederation tournaments. (More on that when I talk about the big tournament.) As for what teams are in what zone, it's roughly based on continent. For example, because Mexico is clearly part of North America, it is in the Americas zone. But, for a team like Russia, which spans two continents, it will be in Europe because most of its largest cities are in European Russia. Full member lists and logos for the confederations will be up later, but for now, that's all Im saying. Hope you all like the new topic! -dallasstar03
  8. Okay, I FINALLY did a concept!!! WOOOOOOOOOO So this is the first of my concepts. Because these take longer I will upload one every third day. Repeat until all 36 teams are done. We will begin with the Houston Pilots! Let me know how I did! -dallasstar03
  9. Ok quick edit: Houston's profile will be up today (I swear)
  10. Okay then. I will try. The Blizzard's profile will be up tomorrow
  11. Alright. the team profiles will have very poorly drawn logos and uniforms, by the way
  12. I'm sorry. No, I'm not quitting this topic. I got so wrapped up in schoolwork and various other things (such a s my new comic, find it at adventuresofstick.webcomic.ws) that I never uploaded the other chapters. So I will be writing the rest of the NIHA story right now. Later, I will also add a profile for each team. But let's finish the NIHA saga first! Issues were brewing in the league front office for much of the 1972-73 and 1973-74 seasons. A Florida-born Seattle resident named Albert Perry was angry at the league for neglecting to add teams in westward areas. He threatened to sue as well. Out of fear, the league acknowledged his request and added four expansion teams in Vancouver (Blizzard), Calgary (Colts), Edmonton (Miners), and his home city Seattle (Warriors) for the 1976-77 season, and allowed Perry to own the Warriors and at most 40% of any other expansion teams. Perry agreed, and became the first head coach of the Warriors as well. With 17 teams in place, the league established new conferences and divisions. The 1976-77 Warriors are notable for setting the NIHA futility record-17-55-2 for 36 points. Throughout the late 1970s and 1980s, the league experienced a rapid expansion-climbing to 26 teams from 17 in just a 14-year span. When the NIHA entered the 1990s decade, 13 teams were in each conference, mostly in the Western United States. However, in the mid-1990s, the league was about to make one of its most daring moves: Expanding into the Sun Belt. Before this point, the southernmost team in the league was the Los Angeles Ironheads (founded in 1982), but were successful enough to capture a Union Cup championship in 1992, so this prompted the league to consider southward expansion. Their first shot at this was Cliff Hart, a rich man living in Raleigh, North Carolina. In 1996, his two teams, the Carolina Red Barons and Tampa Bay Surge took the ice, and performed well in attendance terms. Two years later, in 1998, Darren Ollie, a San Antonio-based steakhouse owner, invested money for teams in Anaheim, Phoenix, Dallas, and Houston. These six teams are what truly brought hockey to the Sun Belt. Ollie also decided to collaborate with Hart to have teams in San Jose and New Orleans, and were ready to play in 2000-01. With 34 teams in action, the league was doing something no one else would dare to do: Hockey. In Atlanta and Miami. These two markets were so unreasonable, that whenever the topic was brought up in league business meetings, executives stars that others laughed hysterically at them. This decision was argued over for so long, it seemed like it would never end. But then, one thing happened: In Game 7 of the 2007 Union Cup Finals in New Orleans, Louisiana, overtime was about to begin. The score was tied at 3, and a man named Samuel Mallard was in attendance. He was an Atlanta native who worked as a scout for the Tampa Bay Surge, looking for good players that could possibly be acquired via trade. Ten minutes into the first overtime period, New Orleans scored, capturing the game, the series, and their first Union Cup. Mallard remembers that the man sitting next to him said that if they could get a team like this, Atlanta and Miami could have hockey teams. This gave Mallard the inspiration he needed, so for the 2008-09 season, the Atlanta Olympians and Florida Crocs began their stories. THE END -dallasstar03
  13. The Lightning won the Stanley Cup and the Sens reached the Finals, so I don't see how the NHL ones are bad. The Brewers I agree with, though. They are never good.