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  1. LGB!

    NHL-AHL Merge! (2/30)

    I have a good feeling about this series.
  2. I like all of them I would like to see this irl.
  3. Assuming you're referring to the stripes on the White Sox sleeves and chest, that's light gray, not blue. Oh I'm sorry I thought it's was I guess my eyes are bad. Lol
  4. St.Louis Blues ,St.Louis Cardinals , St.Louis Rams, New York Red Bulls , Mizzou, North Dakota, That's it
  5. Page 5 post 89 Sorry I did not know I thought I saw them all I guess not.
  6. That's true but it is just a concept.
  7. I like the second one the logo is also great!
  8. It's super clean and super sharp I love this logo!
  9. I like the pink. Not many teams use pink as well.
  10. LGB!

    NCAA Color Rush

    Also can you do Missouri? I would like to see those. You don't have to I just would like to see them.
  11. LGB!

    NCAA Color Rush

    I have an issue with that. Anyways, there are a few uniforms that should've been done before these, but given the occasion, I felt these should go up first. [img=http://i.imgur.com/FPopus . This reminds me of the Browns for some reason.
  12. . . The color for the numbers does not go with the red&blue.
  13. I like how you made the old logo look more modern. Well done!
  14. Ask and you shall receive: I like the Cubs but I don't like the White Sox blue.