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  1. It's weird because I know for English teams, the Premier League will use standard font but once we get into FA Cup and League Cup games, then clubs use their custom font.
  2. Browns 180 from worst set in the league to one of the best is outstanding.
  3. The eyebrow raise is what gets me. Like the person making this was a fan of The Rock.
  4. I was slightly annoyed how the American League were blue and National League were Red when it's normally the other way around.
  5. They slept on Spiders SMH. oh well Guardians can work too.
  6. I don't mind when an alternative kits go a little nuts. This looks good as a fashion shirt.
  7. Very clean. The sweater is a good start. I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of the uniform will take shape.
  8. If Under Armour can figure it out with UCLA, I'm sure Nike can too. I think it's absurd after all these years and they haven't produced a uniform that can properly display looping shoulder stipes.
  9. man I really wish NBA teams wore home and away uniforms again.
  10. Then we would be back where we were in the 2000s when black became the dominate color EVERYWHERE. Black alts are fine but I draw the line at drop shadows.
  11. outside the away script change, I can't imagine the A's doing any sort of rebranding. Their current set is over 30 years old and might have the longest run in franchise history. Is it right to call them too iconic to change?
  12. sure if you only look at the negative moments. they also technically lost the 2006 NLCS in the traditional pinstripes so....
  13. The word mark always looked awkward. When I saw the 1968 throwbacks, I thought those should've been promoted to fulltime.
  14. This is what they should’ve worn instead of those awful giant NY uniforms.
  15. The power of memes will do that. Also the Clone Wars series (both of them) were really really good. Revenge of the Sith is the only prequel I legitimately enjoy. I only enjoy 1 and 2 ironically.
  16. This is something I just noticed recently. I can't recall a time this season where they wore the blue alts at home. Did they really quietly phase out the home alts? Even last year, I think the blue home alts were worn once.
  17. huh, they didn't use the black Mets logo. Now I wonder if they're gonna use the all black cap or the black/blue cap?
  18. There is a video of Sharks vs Whalers in 92.
  19. This is frustrating on so many levels. EDIT: I guess it wasn't obvious to everyone else as I thought. The AL are Blue and the NL are Red when it's typically the other way around. Found it mildly annoying.
  20. Twitter was pretty vocal about the uniforms so hopefully they won't do this again.
  21. Pretty sure we have to mark this as NSFW
  22. Man they should've just ditched ASG jerseys this year because this blows. No ones buying these anyway. I did notice players have stars on the back depending on how many times they've been an All-Star which is an interesting touch. This also doesn't look good.
  23. Yeah, the bar was already low so anything would've been an instant upgrade. I still don't like the weird glossy look they're going with on the numbers and shoulder. This is less of an eyesore so they have that going.
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