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  1. RT @LenTesta: And - you knew this was coming - here's the patent on how they'll record and sell you a replay of your Galaxy's Edge AR exper…

  2. RT @Illustrator: Learn how to create custom guides in Illustrator: https://t.co/Cdwxcefvok https://t.co/Am639snwuT

  3. RT @Illustrator: Born in the ocean, recreated using Illustrator by Jung-pyo Lee: https://t.co/cAsDwcM6CH #madewithAi https://t.co/n5ukd3KaDQ

  4. *Audible groan ... #NBA2K18 #MessedUp https://t.co/cvioYvPhzX https://t.co/gZuETIteSw

  5. Just a heads up, @slashfilm; this is what's showing up for me right now when I try going to the site. https://t.co/R8DWfWng6G

  6. @ArifHasanNFL Great stuff as always. Much❤️

  7. RT @RTNBA: Next Gen https://t.co/31o0hEu05i

  8. @Tpstewart8 If it were any other team than the Browns? ? I personally would’ve gone Darnold and Chubb like you said… https://t.co/EZjnwPjzXR

  9. My first and final 2018 NFL Mock Draft: Note: I have the Bears trading down with the Bills. So Bills would get the… https://t.co/jG4c9ekPm8

  10. #Timberwolves with their first playoff victory in 14 years...how sweet it is. My cup overfloweth with sheer joy. #Twolves #HOWL

  11. @jaysandheat13 I don't know...they're red hot right now! Especially with Fultz already balling at a high level after coming back.

  12. RT @Twolves_PR: Timberwolves uphold promise of "new era" with a return to the NBA playoffs. #AllEyesNorth https://t.co/THE7JzrM6C

  13. RT @ComputerArts: We unpick the elements you need for an effective logo. https://t.co/gawbK88SSE

  14. RT @HamillHimself: THIS!!! #EmpoweringEpicEvan https://t.co/oXIVrgCleF

  15. @RealitySteve @DesHartsock I live in MN and my fiancé took me there last year. It is a LEGIT' fun place where a 30… https://t.co/WIHHpb25YO

  16. RT @nflnetwork: It's official. @KirkCousins8 is the @Vikings' QB. https://t.co/akaq5RKYKM

  17. RT @Adobe: It's #PiDay, and multidisciplinary designer @rebeckataule is using her creative smarts to take us on a mathematical journey. Exp…

  18. RT @historylvrsclub: The evolution of your favorite soda cans over the decades. https://t.co/4HcDLvzwVL

  19. RT @espn: On this date 8 years ago, Kobe didn't even flinch. https://t.co/rq9Mz1aTlo

  20. RT @NFL: WOW. ??? @ShaquemGriffin just ran a 4.38u 40-yard dash! The fastest LB at the #NFLCombine since 2003. ?: @Nflnetwork https://t…

  21. @NBA I called Wes Johnson the next Scottie Pippen after the Wolves drafted him. Whoops.

  22. RT @ChrisMannixYS: Just horrible. Dan was a well-known figure in the NBA community. Father of a young child, too. RIP, Dan. https://t.co/4J…

  23. @RealitySteve Was that Ben or Dean at the end there saying how poorly Luke defended himself?

  24. Hey Peter, just a heads up, @slashfilm load times are incredible slow for me right now. I've also been getting this… https://t.co/ZpHyB5FBnO

  25. ❤️ you, Flip. Thank you for everything you meant to me and an endless number of other fans and individuals over the… https://t.co/MTTwOnx2Ct

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