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  1. ESPN server techs: "We simply didn't anticipate people checking their fantasy football teams on this very special opening kickoff Sunday."

  2. When you're gluten free but there are 3 #JetsPizza boxes on the counter... @ Jet's Pizza

  3. My football watching pal. ❤️ /// #nflkickoff2016

  4. RT @ringer: The Sam Bradford trade makes it clear: The Vikings think their championship window is right now

  5. Doors open at #usbankstadium. /// #vikings @ U.S. Bank Stadium

  6. The places and routes I go on each day have no #PokemonGo Pokestops. Rethinking my life.

  7. RT @BleacherReport: Live look at Tebow's MLB workout ???

  8. Photo of Laura immediately after getting offered her new kindergarten job. ?????????????

  9. RT @JoelOsteen: Being a person of faith doesn’t exempt us from difficulties—it means God will be with you through the difficulties.

  10. Still waiting for my Mobile @ESPN phone to arrive in the mail. 11 years now...but I'm patient. ?

  11. @CBSBigBrother #BB18 Question to Big Meech. Was that Paulie kiss planned or did you have no idea? Would you do it again? #JuryHouseShowmance

  12. Celebrating a special night with Laura. Heart #Sushi! @ Misono Sushi & Asian Bistro

  13. RT @GaryJanetti: Now would be the perfect time to rob Ryan Lochte.

  14. My fantasy football team name is ESPN 8 The Ocho #FantasyMarathon

  15. Summer '16 is the year of reclaiming my love for #Popsicles.

  16. RT @loyalvikesfan: Love it love it love it


  18. RT @Illustrator: Learn about Illustrator's new must-use feature, Fast Export: via armaganvideos…

  19. #Canterbury. Gorgeous day.

  20. Dog be like Zac Efron getting photographed by the paparazzi on what was supposed to be a…

  21. New toy for the bird. Not that he needs any additional stimulation... #Pez #Parakeet

  22. @txnsgirl Needs love, but needs a lot more too! He needs 2 reprioritize his life. Muscles and money alone aren't making him happy. Shocking!

  23. RT @SportsCenter: On this Date: In 2007, Minnesota sent KG to Boston in a 7-to-1 player trade. The Celtics would win the '07-08 title. http…

  24. #BB18 should gave America the power to switch Paulie out with Cody. #PauliesWordIsTheOnlyWordThatApparentlyMattersAllHailPaulie

  25. RT @howlintwolf: We second that, @KarlTowns ??#Twolves