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  1. RT @br_radio: Hue Jackson on the Browns: "If there is a QB at #2 that is a best fit for our team, we need to go get him. It's my opinion we…

  2. ESPN in a nutshell... @TheDrawPlay is a genius.

  3. RT @bruce_arthur: Kevin Love tried to defend Blatt, but the firing came in the form of a pick and roll

  4. RT @nfldraftscout: Jalen Ramsey is so good at limiting YAC. Uses his frame and length to be top tier open field tackler.

  5. Huge Wolves fan here. Diehard. And yes...I've stayed loyal after all these years of incompetence. Still here... ;p That said, I think the grey jersey is intriguing...but overall, I don't see enough difference here from the current uniforms. Is there any way you could make a more drastic change? I know Flip was talking about changing things up with the jerseys before he died (RIP ).
  6. @MoveTheSticks Hey Daniel, mad respect for everything you do. ?? Question there a particular reason Ogbah isn't in your top 50?

  7. #MockDraftCake returns! 1st mock draft of the year for the 2016 NFL Draft. /// #NFLMockDraft #2016NFLMockDraft #NFL

  8. Hey thanks! I really appreciate that! Well I enjoy doing them and am just glad there's been such a warm reception to it! Also...EXCELLENT idea! Something about the sans serif C kind of bugs me. So this is one I think is better off as a serif.
  9. Oh boy...okay...challenge excepted! Ha...maybe that'll be the "next" series I do..."serifing" logos. ;D
  10. RT @TheFakeESPN: Breaking: Hue Jackson has been hired as the Browns new head coach.Future News: Hue Jackson has been fired by the Browns

  11. How is this guy still in the NFL? Could every team just get 2gether & pinky swear that no1 will ever sign him again?

  12. I understand some of the complaints I've read...but please also keep in mind this isn't supposed to look like an actual, legitimate logo that would pass off as something a team could actually use. This is for fun and something that could be hung up at a local sports bar, in a sporty man cave, or just as fun memorabilia (etc.). At least that was my intent.
  13. Do we actually even know if they're keeping the Rams name? I know this is a hypothetical...but I'm legitimately curious. I'd love for it to happen though! As for this concept...I think the concept is potentially intriguing, but I also think it needs a lot more refinement. Also a different name, as there's just no chance they'd have the same name for one of the primary "relocate franchise" names that's already in the Madden games. At least I'd hope not.
  14. Thanks everyone for the comments...good or bad! ;D As for requests...I'll definitely keep in mind ones requested in here for the future...but I'll probably be doing Wisconsin next. you guys think I should just stick with NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and NCAA? Or should I open the door to things like soccer, Arena Football, and other professional indoor soccer/football teams? Where do I draw the line? I WANT to draw it at just the 5 I listed...but I feel I'd get in trouble with certain states if I did that.
  15. Thanks for all the feedback, everyone! Glad most people seem to be enjoying it! Challenge accepted! You were right, for the record...that was the hardest one yet. Or at least the one I didn't allow myself to be satisfied with until I got it right.
  16. we're getting video ads that can't even be paused or muted. Wonderful! What a great start to the new year! Gaaaahhh....

  17. A few years ago I posted a version of the logo that was still a work in progress. Here's the new, completely remastered version that was 100% created/recreated in Illustrator: It's a combination of the following logos: My ultimate goal is to do one for each state. Thoughts?
  18. They do, don't they? I think they only two that really work so far (or are at least viable variations) are Minnesota, Indina, and maybe BYU.
  19. Hey guys and gals, One day I took note of how all of these classic NCAA logos are "serifed". So I thought it would be interesting to go through the gauntlet and make them sans serif. Don't know if this might only be cool to geeks like me who care about serifs in the first place, but hopefully people will find it interesting. I only have 7 done so far, but I'll be adding more daily. Let me know what you think! Edit - Image limit hit. More logos are scattered throughout this thread. Or you can go to my page on Behance to view them all at once: