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  1. No way, save the all blue for away games. The white panel at home is the best look they've ever had.
  2. Sure, but to say that the powder blues didn't fit the Blue Jays' aesthetic is an odd opinion to have. If any team was made for that colour, it's the Jays.
  3. Jays need white panel caps at home. They should never even have stopped using them back in 1993.
  4. We've been over this a thousand times. That is never going to happen. London owns that trademark.
  5. He retired as a Jay during the current uniform era. Any reason not to use the Black Jays logo doesn't need to try very hard to be justified.
  6. Portland is still pretending that "We the North" isn't referring to the entire country of Canada, and not just Toronto eh?
  7. That's not at all what happened. The team name was chosen by a fan vote to pick the name. I should know, I voted in it, for the Raptors. You're welcome everyone. The final names to pick from were: Beavers Bobcats Dragons Grizzlies Hogs Raptors T-Rex Tarantulas Terriers http://www.nba.com/raptors/history/raptors_history.html
  8. The Hunter's aren't selling the team any time soon.
  9. Hardly. They are exercising their rights to keep the name out of the NHL. They aren't some college team, the CHL is pretty big in pro hockey.
  10. Due to the fact that they are one of, if not the signature franchise of the CHL, the London Knights carry a lot of clout in hockey. They are protecting their copyright. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/las-vegas-nhl-name-search-complicated-london-knights/ When people in hockey say "Knights", they assume you are talking about London. They want to keep it that way.
  11. This could just be to save money. Appalachian is just rookie ball, so they probably don't get the updated uniforms as often as the higher up A, AA, AAA teams.
  12. True, that is the uniform of the original AAA Maple Leafs team. My point was more that there still is a Maple Leafs baseball team, albeit in the Intercounty League.
  13. The current uni is so close to the OG it really wouldn't be worth it. They would have to go back to the powder blues again. The second uni doesn't make all that much sense, since the Maple Leafs baseball team still exists.