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  1. This is truly one of the best MLS concepts I've ever seen. Excellent work throughout. Well executed designs, as well as fabulous presentation.
  2. Excellent work on those crests! East: Pittsburgh, Indy, Detroit, Tampa, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Baltimore West: New Orleans, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Oklahoma City
  3. US and Germany home kits are great, US second and Brazil second are decent and I'm indifferent over Spain.
  4. I like Egypt, but could you provide an explanation as to why you chose green for the secondary?
  5. Honestly wouldn’t make for a bad secondary shirt.
  6. Great work! Can I have: Pittsburgh Pirates black, #50 Pittsburgh Steelers throwback , #90 West Virginia blue football, #7 West Virginia basketball gray, #2 Man City home US Men's National team white, #10 Thanks!
  7. Seems as if West Virginia will wear white helmets for the Camping World Bowl, as they have been wearing them in practice this week. Nothing official yet, but it seems likely.
  8. OU seem to always wear those jerseys against WVU, with the exception of last year, and our first two years in the Big 12. 2016 2015 2014
  9. WVU will wear White/White/Yellow for the first time on Saturday vs. Oklahoma State. From WVUFootball
  10. While I actually like Croatia's secondary black kit, it's nice that they will be able to wear their iconic checkerboard in the final. I love the shirt match up, but I think France in all blue will be a bit to much.
  11. A- Egypt(my personal favorite), Russia, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay B- Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Iran C- Australia, France, Denmark, Honduras D- Argentina, Iceland, Nigeria, Croatia E- Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia, Brazil F- Sweden, Mexico, Germany, Korea Republic G- Panama, Tunisia, England, USA H- Senegal, Poland, Colombia, Japan
  12. Beautiful. Kits and goal.
  13. Maybe consider putting sponsor logos on the shoulders. I think that could work if you don't find any other logos.
  14. Pretty decent match up in the opening match of the tournament. I like Russia's kit, and Saudi Arabia is, well, a standard Nike kit. Nothing special but a solid match up IMO.
  15. I like it. It think it works well for such a large tournament.
  16. Really like these. You should consider doing a World Cup one in the coming weeks.
  17. I thought this was a Benfica shirt at first glance.
  18. Even as a Pens fan, I agree. That should have been called. I am rooting for the Sixers as well.
  19. Awesome series. Wonderful idea and great execution. I would love to see this in the real world.
  20. That is amazing. Love the addition of light blue. Nice work.
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