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  1. Their just might have been!! Hahaha
  2. Chicago Union Chicago had the best regular season, and easily got past Boston in the semifinals before running into Steel City in the Final. Chicago also beat Bayern Milwaukee in the US Open Cup Final. The home kit remains basically the same, but the clash is now all red(fun fact: Every time that Chicago has won the title, their clash kit for that season has been red). The third kit is all sky blue. Obviously the colors and designs are inspired by the Chicago flag. Up Next: SFSC
  3. So here is the first team: Champions of 2016-17: Steel City SC Pittsburgh finished second in the standings of the regular season, and got past the previous back-to-back champions San Francisco SC to reach regular season winner Chicago. Sidney Crosby led Steel City to the 10th title in its history. The kits remain mostly the same from last season, with all-black and yellow sleeves. All yellow clash, and a third kit which is all gray, to represent steel. Each kit has Dan Rooney memorial patch placed below the back neckline, which is a hypocycloid. On the left sleeve is a gold USSL champions patch, which is worn in all league matches. C&C appreciated Up Next: Windy City
  4. Unlike most soccer leagues the USSL has a draft. Here is the 2017 USSL Draft. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-2pIayOWz_dAVGUy9Ro16HeLz02TLas3Lz51yDYRX4o/pubhtml Some big news: The defending champs Steel City traded up to improve their defense to grab the top rated defensive player, Myles Garrett, but gave up long time GK Marc-Andre Fleury, and some other pieces to Bayern Milwaukee. Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball went 1-2 to Detroit and Atlanta. The 3 teams that were relegated to League II received 2nd round compensation picks. I hope to post some little designs later before starting the real concept series later tonight. Also, I did this draft so I can build rosters to make a season, which I have already started.
  5. First up the 2016-17 Season: 1. Steel City SC(USSL Playoff Champion, Qualified for CONCACAF Champions League) 2. Chicago Union(USSL Regular Season Champions, Playoff Runner-ups, US Open Cup Champions, Qualified for CONCACAF Champions League) 3. San Francisco SC(Qualified for CONCACAF CL) 4. Boston Revolution(Qualified for CONCACAF CL) 5. ASC Columbus(Qualified for CONCACAF North American Cup(Europa League)) 6. SC Dallas(Qualified for CONCACAF NAC) 7. CAD Miami 8. NYCSC 9. Mile High SC 10. Houston SC 11. DC United 12. LASC 13. Charlotte SC 14. New York United 15. Arizona United 16. LA United 17. Tampa SC 18. Philadelphia SC(Relegated) 19. Seattle SC(Relegated) 20. St. Louis SC(Relegated) League II 1. Bayern Milwaukee(Promoted) 2. Atlanta United(Promoted) 3. Motor City SC(Promoted as Playoff Champion)
  6. Back in January I started my alternate universe of soccer, where soccer is the only major sport in the world. Here is the page to see all of the rules and past designs: So I recently began work on the 2017-18 Premier League season. All 20 teams are done and so are some other things(I'll get to that later). For now I will just be posting concepts. I start with the league logo(Unchanged): Special thanks to @TheHealthiestScratch for this Photoshop version of my hand drawn logo.
  7. Thanks, that is very cluttered, especially when they add league and competition patches on the sleeves.
  8. I wonder where they will put the Serie A champion's patch with that buttoned collar?
  9. It seems to me that the Champions Leagye Final will be Juve in their first choice black and white stripes and Real in their second choice purple. Should look pretty good.
  10. Anything else? Thanks @Whitefoot for the suggestion I will fix the shorts on the template.
  11. With the UEFA Champions League Final set to be played on Saturday June 3rd, 2017, I thought it was a good time to release my idea of how the match should look. Juventus F.C. vs Real Madrid C.F. These are both basically me taking the current kits for each side and putting them on my new template. You may ask why both are wearing predominately white shirts, but I think with the contrasting shorts and socks it created enough contrast and last year Athleti and Real did the same thing. If you think I should try other combos let me know. Juve is just a template transfer of this year's kits which I really like(Juve is my favorite club). Real is the same thing except I switched blue for the purple of their away kit. Hop you all enjoy the match! While I love @TheGiantsFan's hand drawn template, I thought to improve my own skills I should create my own. This is just part of it. The whole thing will be revealed when I start my 2017/18 USSL Season(YAY!!!). It is a huge project(you'll see why) and plan to begin it in the summer. All 20 teams are done. Please leave C&C! Thanks!
  12. I love that Brighton shirt. I don't think the sleeves take that much away from it.
  13. Very nice work. Is it possible to see the Galaxy third without the watermark? Hard to see the design on it. My favorites so far is the NYC home and third as well as the Dynamo third.
  14. Ads on soccer jerseys are not bad(if done right)... let me explain. The game is 90 minutes long with only a 15 minute break in the middle. Do to the fact that there are no ads during the game, such as the NFL or MLB, the sponsor logo can be OK. But only if it is done right. A simple word mark that is changed to the team's colors looks fine. Example: Arsenal But if the sponsor is large and non team colors it looks bad. Example: Man United
  15. These are pretty good, but to improve I would suggest one of two things: 1) Do this on non-lined paper, since the lines take away from your design or(preferably) 2) Get a template that you can print out such as @TheGiantsFan's template Your work is good but doing this would improve your designs.
  16. Once again, thank you very much, is my phone wallpaper.
  17. That's a great look for my Mountaineers. Good work all around.
  18. Funny how much those sleeves darken the kit.
  19. Are the Red Wings playing there too? If so that may be why there are red seats.
  20. These are very cool. I made a soccer stadium on that but never a baseball stadium.
  21. As I watch March Madness, I have found myself really liking Rhode Island's shorts.
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