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  1. So you are saying that it is a good thing that 3 people died? Do 3 lost people really make much of a difference in a world with 7 billion people? Now I understand that drunk driving is stupid, but for you to think it is OK for people to die is absurd. No one deserves to die like this at such a young age. Is there a overpopulation problem today? Yes, but this is not a way to control it. THREE people do not make a difference in the world's population, as for every person that dies more are born. Did Jose Fernandez and the 2 others with him make a bad decision? Absolutely, but for you to think it is okay that people died is no a good end result. I know that there are people all over the place, especially in South Florida, that wish JF was still here today.
  2. I know I already requested one, so do others before mine but when you get time can I get a Christian Pulisic one? Playing for the USA and preferably in white kits. Thanks!
  3. As I watched this match I wondered why MNUFC couldn't where there home kits. It isn't that dark, and in my opinion would have made the match look a whole lot better.
  4. These look great! Can I get a Nathan Adrian(WVU basketball) one in the same style?
  5. I think the bottom is better, because it is easier to read. Is there anyway you can continue the Space Needle onto the bottom of the crest? Good work all around.
  6. ...and at that moment Ohio State knew they were in trouble.
  7. Here is the CSL TV view: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1syhsk0fKT9SV6plEesNRkb2a-RxYyGQ3umNJnwSR9VQ/pub?w=956&h=603 Same principle as the USSL one.
  8. https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1OjU1FhuOA_QXqgQsb34rr5BWtZ5R7NHoArxEA5kv_pU/pub?w=959&h=553 Here is a view of what it would be like to watch a USSL game. On the top is a bar with the(from left to right) Away Side Away colors Away score Home score Home colors Home side game clock stoppage time clock Beneath a team may be a red shape with a number, indicating a red card and the player who was sent off. In this case Adam Wainwright was awarded a red card for St. Louis. In the top right corner is the league logo, and in the bottom right corner is the league and competition, as well as the location of the match. 9&h=553">
  9. LAST TWO! Yellowknife SC Yellowknife joined the CSL in 2010, with Yukon United, to give each providence and territory a club. The Diamonds are yet to win a trophy or finish in the top half of the table. The crest is a diamond, as Yellowknife is known as the diamond capital of North America with a "Y" in it as well as crossed swords, a nod to the city name. The home kit is all yellow with purple accents and a line pattern on the sleeves(based on these Tottenham kits). The clash is purple with a Northern Lights pattern. The sponsor is Northwestel and Under Armour is the manufacturer. Yukon United Yukon joined the CSL in 2010, and are yet to finish in the top half of the able, just like Yellowknife. Even with the poor qualitly a fierce rivalry takes place between Yellowknife and Yukon. The crest is an outline of the territory and has a miner pick-ax to represent the history of gold mining. The home is gold with a chest stripe, and the clash is brown with crossed picks on the back. The sponsor is Yukon Brewing and Nike makes the kits. Well folks that is all! USSL and CSL Top Leagues are complete. Up next will be a continuation of the USSL with the lower leagues. Also, if anyone knows a good way to simulate a season, please let me know. I would love to run something similar to @JCRGraphix hockey league.
  10. I'm back after a while because of computer issues, but I am back. St. Johns United St Johns joined the CSL in 1980 and won their lone title in 1996. The Johnnies usually finish in the middle of the table. The crest is a vertical stretched crest with s "STJ" monogram and 1980, a soccer ball, and united at the bottom. The home kit is all white with red and brown piping. The clash is red/brown/red with brown and white piping. The sponsor is ski-doo and Nike is the manufacturer. Iqaluit SC Iqaluit entered the league in 2008 and are yet to win a title. A bottom 3 finish is almost expected from fans, but without a relegation system remain in the top league. Iqaluit's crest is based off of the city crest. The home kit is a gradient from light blue to navy. The clash is all white with a pattern on the sleeves. The sponsor is Qiniq, and Nike is the manufacturer. Up Next: Blades and Miners
  11. ACC- UNC-Great Colors and the argyle is great B1G- Michigan, classic, and the new helmet finish is one of by favorites XII-(Tempted to go with by team, but the font is bad, and the sleeve caps are horrible) so Texas, color scheme Pac-12: Colorado, great combo of gold, silver and black SEC: Ole Miss, especially with Powder blue(could go with LSU, but striping under the sleeve ruins it for me) AAC: Navy, classic C-USA: LA Tech, I'm a sucker for shoulder stripes MTN-WEST: Air Force, the new grey is a great addition MAC: Bowling Green, underrated color scheme Sun Belt: Georgia Southern, simple but effective Independents: toss up between ND, Army, and BYU, but Army is my pick
  12. Charlottetown SC Charlottetown joined the CSL in 2001 are yet to win the title. Usually in the bottom half of the table, the Checkers usually have to rely on homegrown players. The crest is a simple shield with a checkered pattern, based on the Cost of Arms of the city. The home kit is a checkered green and white kit based off of the crest. The clash is all purple with green accents. The sponsor is Scotiabank, and Adidas is the manufacturer. New Scotland SC Nova Scotia entered the CSL in 1980 and won their lone title in 1991. The Scots are usually in the middle of the table. The name is "New Scotland" which is English for the Latin term Nova Scotia. The crest is a shield version of the Nova Scotia flag with "Nova Scotia" over the top. The home is white-blue-white with a double sash, based off the flag. The clash is yellow with red accents, and a design based off the shield on the flag. The crest on the away is just the lion. The sponsor is Sobeys and Nike is the manufacturer. Up Next: A new found land, and a Swansea look alike.
  13. Can we all agree on how outdated WBC logo's are? They need an update. Especially USA and Canada.
  14. Ottawa United Ottawa United was an original team and have one three titles in 1974, 1975, and 1989. The Senators are consistently near the top and competing for a playoff birth. Erik Karlsson leads the team. The crest is based off of this Senators logo, with gold added. The home is on the right, and is red with a chest stripe, and the clash is a gold version of the home. Both have black shorts with gold trim. Air Canada is the sponsor and Adidas makes the kits. New Brunswick SC New Brunswick joined the CSL in 2001 and are yet to hoist the CSL championship. They are usually lower than 10th but occasionally jump into the upper half. The crest is a roundel meant to resemble a log, since NB is known for logging. The home kit is based off of the New Brunswick licence plate, with maroon swapped for gold. The clash is a simple maroon kit with light blue accents. TD is the sponsor and Nike is the manufacturer. Up Next: Checkers and Scots
  15. Thanks so much. I do feel like I have gotten better.
  16. Hamilton SC Hamilton was one of the original 6 teams in the CSL, but have only managed to win the crown once, in 1982. The current squad usually finishes near the middle of the table. The crest is a vertical rectangle with rounded sides, and a diagonal banner across the front. The home kit is orange and black stripes, which gives the team the nickname 'Tiger'(based upon the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL). The clash is all white with black pinstripes to keep the tiger feel. The sponsor is Canadian staple Tim Hortons, and Nike is the manufacturer. Club de Soccer de Montreal The Frenchmen, as they are known, are also an original team, but have been much more sucessful than the Tigers, and have 8 titles: 1972, 1973, 1978, 1987, 1988, 2000, 2003, and 2012. World-class goalkeeper Carey Price, along with Shea Weber, and Ignacio Piatti, make Montreal a leader in the playoff hunt. The crest is a shield with a fleur-de-lis and a kit inspired stripe. The home kit is obviously based off of the Canadiens famous kit, and the clash is also similar. The sponsor is Bank of Montreal, and Nike(as with the French national team) is the manufacturer. Up Next: Senators and Loggers
  17. Thunder Bay United Thunder Bay joined in 1991 and is yet to hoist the trophy. The current squad is usually near the bottom of the table. The crest is a shield with a city flag look with a "TBU"(One of my personal favorites). The home kit is basically the flag on a soccer kit, and the clash is a simple blue shirt with yellow and red accents with green shorts. The sponsor is IMAX, while Nike makes the kits. Windsor United Detroit's neighbor joined the CSL in 1989, and is also without a title. Winsor typically sit in the middle of the table, and are often overshadowed by their American neighbor. The crest is a rose with a "W". The rose comes from the city flag, as do the kit designs. The home is a blue kit with white accents and sash, while the second is simply a reverse of the home. The sponsor is Blackberry, and Nike is the manufacturer. Up Next: Tigers and Frenchmen
  18. Thanks for the feedback! I see what you mean. I will see what I can do with Vancouver. Thanks!
  19. Nothing? Regina SC Regina was given a team as the only relocation team in league history. In 1971 Quebec City joined the league an original team, but poor support led to a relocation to Regina in 1991. RSC has 4 titles, but only one since moving to Regina: 1971, 1976, 1980, and 1999. The crest is modeled after the flag, with an "R" to the right. The home kit is also modeled after the flag. The clash is based off the Canadian Mounted Police uniforms, which comes from the Regina crest. Sponsor is Mosaic and New Balance makes its debut in the USSL or CSL. Winnipeg United Winnipeg was an original team founded in 1971, and was the joining of two teams in Winnipeg, one was gray and navy, while the other was sky blue and gray, so they combined those colors. The Jets have won 3 titles: in 1979, 1985, and 2004. The crest is a roundel with a "W" and a jet. The kits are reversed with the home light blue with gray shorts, while the clash is gray with light blue shorts, both with striping on the sleeves. The sponsor is A&W and Nike is the manufacturer. Up Next: Thunder and Roses
  20. Thanks! Looks good! Is it possible to get a Juventus & Tottenham one?
  21. No concepts today but, here is a USSL Premier League logo complication.
  22. Anything? Edmonton SC Edmonton joined the league in 1980 and the Drillers have clinched 4 CSL titles: in 1986, 1993, 1995, 2005) Of course Wayne Gretzky, the greatest player in league history led them to his title. Connor McDavid has the Drillers looking at a bright future. The crest is a oil drill with an "E" worked into it, with an oil drop beneath it. The home is orange with a split horizontal stripe across the top(one of my favorite kits of either league). The clash is blue with an Oilers inspired striping(well I didn't notice the striping goof until now, I will fix that later on). Sponsor is WestJet and Nike is the manufacturer. Saskatoon SC Saskatoon was granted a team in 1989, and have one one title, in 1997. Saskatoon is consistently near the middle of the table, but occasionally slips up or down the table. The crest is a shield with S-S-C in it, with a crossed wheat stocks crossed to represent the economy of Saskatchewan. The colors come from both the flag of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. The home is green with a basic Adidas chevron, similar to Middlesbrough. The clash is all yellow with green trim. The sponsor is Cameco, and Adidas is the manufacturer. Up next: Mounties and Jets
  23. Victoria Royals Victoria joined the CSL in 2001 and are yet to hoist the title. The Royals have had a rough go since joining the league and typically finish middle to bottom of the table. Victoria's club actually dates back to 1911, and the crest has remained relatively untouched since then. The home kit has always had black sleeves over a red top, with white shorts. The clash is a throwback to 1925 when Victoria won the Stanley Cup. The kit is based off of the Victoria Cougars and their striped socks, and the logo is "V" and "R" like those. Nike is the manufacturer and Telus is the sponsor. Calgary United Calgary joined the CSL in 1980 and has won 2 titles, in 1983 and 2007. The current side is led by Sean Monahan, Johnny Gaudreau, and Bo Levi Mitchell, and have been fighting for playoff spots. The logo takes the cowboy hat from the Calgary flag, and I added yellow like the flames. Home kit is yellow and red vertical stripes. The clash is black this time around, with yellow and red accents. Sponsor is Imperial Oil, and Nike is the manufacturer. Up Next: Drillers and Wheat farmers.
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