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  1. Speaking as a Sens fan, I mostly agree with this, even though we made the playoffs a lot with it. The last 3-ish years of Melnyk have cemented its status as one of failure imo. (Fun fact, the Sens lost to the Penguins in the first round, second round, and third round with this logo)
  2. Maybe they mean that they won't use a secondary logo for marketing purposes or in any graphics? Or they might also not be counting the winged S as a secondary logo.
  3. Definitely understand that for the Avs. Their look is definitely good, I just felt a different direction was better. Thanks for the feedback! Next team up are the Blues! St. Louis definitely has one of the better sets in the league. Their home and away are some of my favourites in the league, so I didn't wanna tread too far from that. The tweaks I made include fixing the inconsistency between the yoke and arm/hem striping, and changing the dark blue cuffs/hem on the away to the royal blue. I kept the white numbers because (unpopular opinion?) I think they look much better than the yellow ones. Their winter classic jersey is an absolute beauty as well, so I based the heritage jersey off of it. Changes include switching the colours to match the home and away, and give the logo the same treatment as the numbers to make the whole jersey consistent. The breakout jersey features a new striping pattern, and a sublimated Gateway Arch chest stripe. What are your thoughts? C&C is appreciated!
  4. The number of Sens fans online who hate the 2007 updated 2D logo and think it's "minor league" and "cartoony" is absolutely baffling me.
  5. I wished it was the updated logo as well, but this is still a pretty good upgrade over what they’ve had for a while now.
  6. The next team up is the Blue Jackets! While I think their jerseys are a little bland, I still think they're a great starting point for a new set. For the home and away, I took an American Flag-like pattern, chevronized it, and placed it on a sleeve-length yoke. Like the current jerseys, the home is all blue, and the away has a contrasting blue sleeve-length yoke. The heritage is inspired by the Columbus Checkers, the city's first professional hockey team, and put in the colour scheme of the current alt. The breakout is a simplification/tribute to the Columbus Chill, whose jerseys are the epitome of 90s design. Thoughts? C&C is appreciated!
  7. Personally, if there's any colour I want added to the stripes, it would be white. I wouldn't mind a small bit of gold trim kinda like how Vegas does it with red though.
  8. Thanks for the feedback and catching that mixup! I personally didn't put the bigfoot logo anywhere since it's not one of my favourites. Next team up in the series is Chicago! I personally think the Blackhawks have the best home and away jersey set in the league, so I didn't change too much here. The only real changes are making the home jersey striping consistent between the arms and hem, and moving the tomahawk C back to the arms. The heritage jersey is inspired by the barberpole jersey of the 40s, but WAY more simplified. The breakout features a brand-new striping pattern taken from the colours of the feathers in the logo. I added the same pattern to the yoke to spice things up. Thoughts? C&C is appreciated!
  9. Hey Everyone, this is my latest concept series, my Ideal NHL Series! Basically, this is what the NHL would look like if I had total control over everything jersey-related. To make this a little tougher for myself, Every single jersey must have at least one more or less noticeable change made to it. Each team will have 4 jerseys: Home, Away, Heritage, and Breakout. The home and away jerseys are the main jerseys in the set, to be worn for the majority of games. The Heritage jerseys pay tribute to either an earlier era in the team's history, a defunct/historic team in the area. Breakout jerseys are brand-new designs never before worn by the team. For this series, I will be going alphabetically by team name (Starting with Colorado, ending with the Wild). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's kick this off with the Avs! I'm honestly not the biggest fan of the CCM/Adidas era jerseys and the A logo, so I decided to go in a new direction with the home and away. The two jerseys' arms feature burgundy and blue separated by mountainous white line, and a simple matching hem stripe. I personally love the C logo by itself, so I put that front and centre. The heritage jersey features a simplified version of the jerseys worn when Colorado won the cup in '01. Navy blue was used on the numbers and pants instead of black. The breakout jersey features a striping pattern inspired by the logo, and the diagonal striping creates a mountain shape when viewed from the side. What do you think? C&C is appreciated!
  10. I believe side panels can look good in hockey, They just have to be done right, which no NHL team has done yet imo. For the Avs Reebok jerseys, if you cut the striping where the side panel stops, thicken the outline stripes a little, and add those same outline stripes to the arms, I'd be perfectly fine with them.
  11. It better. If COVID isn’t still a thing by the time he sells, I’m expecting a full-on city-wide celebration. The only thing that trumps Melnyk selling will be winning the Cup.
  12. Might as well throw my hat into the ring. NHL: Ottawa Senators (Hometown team, my family are all fans as well) NBA: Toronto Raptors (Closest team to me) MLB: Toronto Blue Jays (Same as above) NFL: Chicago Bears (I got a sticker set of team logos as a kid, and they were the first team I saw on there) MLS: Toronto FC (Since I'm a Raptors/Jays fan as well) CFL: Ottawa REDBLACKS (Hometown team) AFL: Fremantle Dockers (Their purple caught my eye when I was learning about Aussie Rules) NRL: Parramatta Eels (I got a shirt with their logo on it while thrifting once) EPL: Manchester United (The only team I'll admit that I chose to cheer for as a bandwagon, but I haven't hopped off) La Liga: Atletico de Madrid (Jan Oblak) International Sports: Canada/Slovenia (Home country & country of origin for me)
  13. It makes sens for the Habs, as their official name is "Club de Hockey Canadien".
  14. I'm 99% sure they will be. I don't think the NHL would allow the red numbers