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  1. I was more thinking they get rid of all the black on their unis completely (including the black numbers), and replace it with navy. It would be more consistent with their alt as well.
  2. First look at Bell and CT on the Sens helmets:
  3. The logo itself it a massive upgrade, but yeah. nobody calls soccer "foot" in Quebec.
  4. The real solution to this should've been navy equipment.
  5. I’m probably gonna get flamed for this but watching the Pens and Flyers, I honestly barely notice the helmet ads, if at all.
  6. I only agree with this if the logo is NOT on a contrasting background. The Russian WJC helmet with the giant white block on the front did not look good.
  7. I like the striping a lot more, and the font too. I shouldn't like it at all, but I absolutely love it. I'm also not a real football design guy.
  8. Canes yet another team going with their arena sponsor as their helmet sponsor: If helmet ads are completely necessary, this should be how they're done.
  9. Both the striping and font are better IMO. I can’t explain why, but they’re just more visually appealing to me than the classic look.
  10. Probably my most unpopular opinion to date: The Browns 2015-19 look is better than their classic look.
  11. Thanks for the feedback! I don't have any plans of not finishing this series, though with my schedule it might take some time to complete. Next up are the Philadelphia Flyers! The Flyers home and away are timeless, but need some tweaks before I can call them perfect. I got rid of the horrible contrasting nameplates, added black to the hem to match the cuffs, and finally added a thin black line to seperate the yokes from the rest of the jersey. The heritage jersey is inspired by the Quakers. I made a Flyers script logo, while thickening the stripes and lessening the amount of them. The Breakout jersey is an all black and orange version of the home and away jerseys. What do you think? C&C is appreciated!
  12. It's a new year, and hopefully that'll give me the motivation to make these concepts more often. Here are the Flames! While the Flames new home and away set are absolute miles ahead of what they used to wear, I still am not 100% convinced black should be completely removed from them. This home and away set mixes the best of both worlds IMO. The heritage jersey in inspired by the old Calgary Tigers (similar to the Flames' 2011 HC jersey), and the logo comes from another old Calgary team, the Stampeders of the old WHL. The breakout features the first yellow C in Flames history, and striping inspired by the white pedestal jersey (which is, in my very unpopular opinion, their best-looking jersey in their history) What do you think? C&C is appreciated!
  13. This might just be me, but I personally have no problem with these by themselves. It's not too noticeable for me. Let's hope that this is as far as it goes, but I'm not holding my breath.
  14. Love the take on the barberpole jersey there, that's genius.