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  1. I almost hate to post this for two reasons: 1)my tiny post count and 2)I'm a Yankees fan. I know that one or both of those things will cause some people to discredit what I say. I know that the Yankees are in a no win situation. Win and you are supposed to because you spend the most money. Lose and you are ridiculed because you spent all that money and lost. I do wish that it was as easy as many baseball fans think. Yes the Yankees spent a ton of money this year and despite that they had to make their playoff run with a 3 man staff. If it were simply a matter of spending money wouldn't you think they would have bought at least one more starter? Why did they keep Damon in left? His defense was a liability and the Yankees were forced to use a defensive replacement. Again why not just buy another leftfielder or centerfielder and move Cabrera to left? I'm not trying to paint them as underdogs just pointing out that The Phillies got a huge pitching upgrade during the season and the Dodgers picked up Thome to pinch hit some and DH should they make the World Series. He was strictly a PH/DH by his own admission to Joe Torre. Yea they picked up CC and Tex the two big money free agents but they needed a first baseman after Giambi left and they needed a true ace for their staff.
  2. Love the action templates. Great set as usual. I don't personally care for the blackout alt. but they seem intent on using it so I like its inclusion in your set. Alt vest looks good here. One potential problem the front numbers some fans may reject this as its a Dodger thing. (I guess that rivalry is still that hot.)
  3. Well done. I always love your work. As a Yankees fan the only thing I don't like is the vest look. The alts are well done and classy. This illustrates one of the reasons that you are one of the most respected designers on this board. You don't just change classic looks for the sake of change. You always look to make them better.
  4. I say go with it. The only thing that looks off is the Oregon St template.
  5. I am really interested in this series because I love minor league baseaball, but sorry I don't like this set at all. The all white home set is the best. I have two concerns about it though, the double outline name on the back and the number outline doesn't match the word mark on the front. The away set has the same issues. The number on the back has a triple outline. THis combined with the blue on blue nature of the set just doesn't work for me. The alternate is more of the same. The yellow belt, socks and pants stripe looks like a forced attempt to use yellow. Overall: Why did you not use the yellow version of the sun anywhere but the primary? I am not a person who hates new ideas or wants to keep things just because they have always been that way, but can we get some grey, or maybe a yellow set to be the away?
  6. The only issue i see with the magic is the logo on the shorts. It looks larger than the part of the side panel it's on, mayb lowering it would help.
  7. Great update. I like that you brought purple back to the Jazz. The home jersey reminds me of the Kings jerseys, probably because of the number font. The 16 on the front of home jersey looked like 18 at first glance.
  8. I like this update much better. I can't think of anything I would change.
  9. I like the stripes and don't mind the "waves". The grey/silver on the roads is a negative. Can't wait for the update.
  10. Once again Mike another fine update. You have added modern elements without trashing tradition. Are the white jerseys missing names on purpose or is that just oversite? Also think about putting tv numbers or something on the sleeves. I don't really care for Gerogia doing the blackout thing. I'm not calling for its removal from your concept, I don't like that they actually did it.
  11. Sorry about the previous post maybe lack of sleep made it make sense to me. The third sentence sould say that the ideas are solid but they don't work together. I meant to say that the yellow highlight gets lost in the white letters. Also runs into was not the way to word that either. Ignore the last comment because as I look at the jerseys more it doesn't bother me. I have no problem with you discussing my feedback. You were polite and it was somehting that needed clarification. I appreciate it when the designers on this board look at feedback instead of just dismissing it.
  12. I like what you were trying to do here. The Hawks should be red, yellow and black. I also like the stripe jersey. This just looks off to me. The yellow beveling on the white font doesn't provide enough constrast. The striping around teh armholes is problematic because it runs into the stripe, especially on the white unifrom. I think that the double understripe is too busy.
  13. I like the Miss St better. Florida is well done. The helmet being white or orange doesn't really effect the set one way or the other. Edit: I just noticed that the numbers on the jerseys don't match the font that you used everywhere else.
  14. This is another quality overhaul. One of the reasons that I was looking forward to Miss St was that I wanted to see what you would do with the third Maroon/Crimson and white team. Adding the gold was a good idea but when I look at these I get the feeling that the gold has taken over. Also the jersey/pants stripe on the maroon elements not syncing with the gold or white versions just destracts me. That is probably a problem just for me though.
  15. No the helmet is fine as is. I think that a yellow pants (prefered) or jersey option would help as with the white sets there isn't enough yellow. In two of the sets you have the 3 main componets with 3 different colors. The All purple with the yellow helmet works. but the others look better withe your white helmet. I know that this would end up looking almost exactly like what they have now and I hate to be one of those guys that hate changes for certain teams just because of tradition. I would make the white helmet primary in this case. As to the Bama helmets I don't really see any need to change them. Also not that it matters but I did not get to see your first Ole' Miss effort. If possible especially when making drastic changes leave the old set so late comers can still see what the fuss is about. Still looking forward to Miss. St.