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  1. Also, your Red Sox alternatives are better than their currents.
  2. White Sox set is sweet. I think you should just use the black cap across the board though.
  3. These are all really good very ctreative
  4. These are great! Glad you took the NYK logo as secondary. The city Jersey though looks like bricks. Wordmark is cool though.
  5. Really love the Texans kit very well done!
  6. Looks great they should use it for real!
  7. Well done. Never thought of it before but the CR logo is kind of dumb and no one really uses the C from the state flag currently I don't think so good call. The current logo with its font looks like a strip mall sign or an homeowner's association. I think the new font you chose though is kinda default. Nice name btw!
  8. Oh because they charge? I get it.
  9. Providence used to have a team called the Reds. Maybe you could pull some influence from them? The P Bruins pretty much have the same uniforms as Boston so I'm curious to see what you can do for them.
  10. Can't wait to see the Boston and Providence Bruins mashup haha!