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  1. Really cool idea man, would love to see more in the future!
  2. It’d be cool if someone wanted to tackle one or more of these old logos from the Independence Community College Pirates.
  3. I love the numbers on the helmets and the Chiefs striping along with a bunch of other stuff!
  4. I agree, it's too bad it gets covered up when the jerseys r tucked in.
  5. I feel like these unis r just a way to entice recruits and make the program unique and different. They are a historically bad football program.
  6. Since I mistakenly posted this thread to the "uniform concepts" thread earlier I decided to post it to this one to see what opinions you guys had. I'm personally not a big fan of my school's new football uniforms.
  7. Lol I realize that now but I'm not sure how to delete this one and move it to sports logos ?
  8. For the 2015-2016 season my college decided to go with a brand new look. I'm not a fan of it, but what do u guys think?
  9. It really wasn't supposed to be an NBA type concept, I simply made it on an NBA game. I appreciate the feedback tho!