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  1. Absolutely agree. There is too much royal going on now. The new helmet looks much better with the bone jerseys. Give me the darker helmet every day of the week.
  2. Props for owning up to the fresh and clean jab. I respect that.
  3. They'll have their own. Demhoff even mentioned that the Rams will use both new logos at midfield throughout the year.
  4. delete please i suck at embedding things.
  5. Nintendos and skateboards were made for kids. Football uniforms and long term design decisions shouldn't be.
  6. But they're so fresh and so clean. Am I doing this right?
  7. For this upcoming year yes, but they have two new sets coming out over the next two years. I would think that they would be open to playing around with combos after this year as well.
  8. I dig it. Would still prefer a White Jersey with Yellow Pants like their pretty much perfect classic away set. They really should just pull a Cowboys or LSU and wear these Home and Away.
  9. I don't hate it either, but it will look much worse in real life because of the highlighter shade of yellow that they chose. It would also look better with white pants.
  10. They did budge a little on the throwbacks. https://www.espn.com/blog/los-angeles-rams/post/_/id/38698/the-rams-will-go-throwbacks-full-time-this-season I'm curious how the 5-year rule will work for these two jerseys the next couple of years. Do they all have their own 5-year clock?
  11. Has there any sort of history of a team releasing a new uniform multiple years in a row? I really think that it was too late to make any changes to the set that they put out after the logo backlash, but they were able to work a deal out with the NFL to allow them to release new ones over the next few years. I think that is why there was such a delay.
  12. The Rams' beat writers for The Athletic had a podcast about the uniform release. They mentioned that they got the sense that they are listening to fans reaction to the new uniforms and that will influence what they do going forward. They said with some confidence that they doubt the gradients will last, even saying they may last only 1 or 2 years. Maybe a numeral revision à la the Titans would be allowable within the NFL rules? My guess would be that the next two they put out will be much more traditional and could really just overtake the ones they put out this year.