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  1. They need to just copy Stanford's black uniform. Use white numbers or at least outline any red numbers/letters in white. Done.
  2. Love the Rams jersey designs. I think they should go somewhere between the navy and royal blues. The navy is going to be too close to Cal and the royal is just too bright. I'm also hoping that they make a change from their current Ram logo. The changes you made to the logo definitely help, but it's still the same as every other side facing head logo that came out in the early 2000s.
  3. Here is a wide array of Herbie Huskers from history. This is the one most people seem to want back.
  4. Just finding this and it's a complete pleasure. As a fellow small town Nebraskan, I would love to see you do a Rams concept.
  5. How I felt after hitting the back button as soon as I saw it -- but then coming right back....
  6. Love your LA stuff, especially the letter mark. Did you ever tinker with a front facing Rams logo? I have a thing for symmetric logos for hats, and other than the Dodge Ram logo, I haven't really seen any front facing Rams logos that work.
  7. Absolutely this. Adidas used this template for the Army All American Game as well. https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/adidas-primeknit-a1-football-uniforms/#slide-2 As a Nebraska fan, I can't wait to see it on the field. Hoping Frost gets rid of the pant stripes as well.
  8. ramsker

    The New XFL

    Omaha, NE could field a team as well. The Omaha Nighthawks drew 20,000+ at Rosenblatt and TD Ameritrade Park during the UFL days. It's not ideal playing football on a baseball field, but Omaha is an event driven town. It regularly sells out concerts, the College World Series, NCAA and Conference Basketball, Baseball, and Volleyball tournaments, even the Olympic Swim and Curling Trials.
  9. Is there any idea on what the helmet will look like?
  10. It's looking more and more likely that Nebraska will wear some sort of cream colored alternate at some point during the year. School colors are technically Scarlet and Cream, but white has always been used for football jerseys. A lot of the official sideline gear for coaches/players have red, white, and cream options. Nebraska basketball had a cream alternate last year, and everyone loved it. So this seems like a good idea. I think going for a more old school looking alternate will work out a lot better than the quasi-futuristic look that Adidas has tried for with Nebraska in the past.
  11. Adidas jerseys would instantly become better if they dropped the adidas wordmark. The three stripe mountain logo is good on it's own, but get's busy with the wordmark. Or vice versa, just pick one. It would be even better if they used their trefoil logo.
  12. My hopes and dreams of a UCLA like change for Nebraska went down the drain. Long live the tire tread.
  13. As a Nebraska fan, I had high hopes that we would be getting rid of it.