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  1. Dang, I really like your presentation. The return to purple-red is a great look, as was the decision to darken the purple. For the Drake-inspired jersey, I wonder if a white outline of the black letters would help that and the numbers stand out more. It'd then be black lettering with a white outline and then a gold outline around that for the "Raptors" script and then white around the gold number. I'm excited to see more!
  2. I also am a fan of the top left option. The drop shadow works very nicely and I love the three colors together. My number two option would be the bottom right, but as is I think the outlines are almost too thick on that word mark.
  3. I'm a big fan of the new color scheme for the Rockies, as well as the logo change. I find myself really liking the double outline of the word mark and number on the back of the home alternate while also a little thrown off by the red on the home and the way. Could we see an update where the home and away jerseys have the wordmarks double outlined with the number on the front and the back in blue with the double outline? Great work on this series regardless of my critiques. I've really enjoyed reading through the thread and I'm glad to see you're back!
  4. While I like your Part II look with blue and tan, I worry that it's too similar to the Cubs' divisional opponent Brewers. I know the Brewers have a more gold color than tan (or yellow with their throwbacks), but I think Part II could stand to be even more bold with changing the colors. What about going with a brown/green color scheme instead? It's underused in baseball (if at all) and that way the bear cub could be of a rich brown color and the green could represent the environment you'd find the cub in. The green could even be the same shade of the color of the ivy at Wrigley Field.
  5. I’ve been following this for awhile and have really enjoyed witnessing the creation process, so I figured I’d finally chime in. I’m a fan of the usage of black in the logo and like others said above, the black makes the bull more “intimidating” and “stronger”. That being said, I really enjoy the white and orange outline combo, especially in the NY logo. If you add a white outline to the color scheme with black, that would keep the bull looking strong, while also putting “more emphasis on the white like the flag”. That’s just my two cents, but hopefully it’s somewhat helpful.
  6. Yes yes yes! I’m so glad someone is doing this. I wanted to do it years ago but didn’t have the time or talent... I’m pretty excited for this and will be following. Good luck! Side question: will you be using canonical rules / team names / players or creating them on your own?
  7. Here's a somewhat wild idea. Instead of white with purple pinstripes, I'd recommend a purple jersey with gold pinstripes and a green "sox". The "sox" would be outlined in gold as well. Then the socks would be purple with gold and green stripes and the cap would be all purple with a green logo and gold outlines.
  8. I love both of them. The Christmas jersey and cap are perfect. For the Mardi Gras cap the green seems rather spontaneous. I think the jersey needs to incorporate more green and maybe make the socks have some sort of striping pattern. What I'm trying to say is that I think that the colors on the Mardi Gras cap and jersey need the three colors to be spread around, for lack of a better word.
  9. Could you do a David Ortiz avatar picture please? Thanks for your great work! Whichever picture works better for you will work for me.
  10. Wow, wonderfully effective comment. The care you took to think out this constructive criticism is mind blowing. If you're going to comment, either say you like it and leave it at that or explain why you find the concept to be "meh" and how it can be improved upon. EDIT: I thought I'd add that I love the series so far HealthiestScratch. The Fresno team is my favorite so far because of its color scheme and all around clean look.
  11. Sometimes you just cry tears of joy when you see a fantastic concept. This one made me need to go find a bucket. Awesome job Discrim, I love the blue and brown combo and if Chicago ever decides to wear a fan-made jersey, I hope they pick your home jersey from the blue and brown color scheme. Please brighten our days by making many more baseball concepts.
  12. Excellent job, I love the third jersey and the other two are great as well. The wave pattern is fantastic. Please make more!
  13. Love the hoodie. I would buy that! Nice work Sparky!
  14. Those look fantastic. I hope you'll share some more!