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  1. These are great! I'm a big fan of your new Dallas logo, and you nailed the right amount of silver for Tampa Bay. I think the bolt needs to be more clearly a bolt in the TB logo though. The D is right over the slightly slanted star for Dallas. I think a quick fix would be to put the TB right over the bolt from the original logo, and then add the silver to it. That would incorporate the signature jagged edge of the bolt that helps identify the team. I think the roundels are great too, and that Florida logo is perfect.
  2. After much delay, I have an update to Jacksonville. I know a couple suggestions were made to tie-in the J with a trident, but it felt too busy when I attempted that. Instead, I created a roundel with a trident in the center and then there's a standalone trident logo as a secondary logo. I also decided to scrap the teal/navy color scheme because it didn't feel as crisp as I wanted. In comes a slightly lighter navy and a nice light blue to complement it. Lastly, I scrapped the wave pattern on the sleeves because I wasn't a fan of how that was turning out. I have a fun idea to incorporate the Sea God logo at some point too, though not within the everyday look of the club (Turn Ahead The Clock jerseys anyone?). Lastly, I've been in a bit of designer's block lately, but I whipped up these to show the completed teams so far (Seattle is still being fine-tuned): Happy viewing! PS. For OOTP players, here's where someone has adapted some of my designs for play in the game. Have fun! PPS. I totally forgot to include this, which shows more of those Jacksonville changes I was talking about. I'm currently working on a custom Jacksonville script for the away / alt2 jerseys and then I'll fill this in!
  3. Thanks for the encouragement, teeray. I'm glad you've enjoyed the series so far. As neo_prankster cautioned, please be patient. I do plan to work more on this series (and I am in my free time), and I want to finish it eventually. Unfortunately, life outside the concepts board is pretty busy right now, so I haven't had enough time to put into the concepts lately as I'd like. I'm a full-time (online) college student with a part-time job currently, so I've been figuring out how to balance that. I'll be back eventually though, and I've got a Jacksonville update in the works. Maybe by that time the Tridents will have dealt Trejos to a contender and I'll have some new players to highlight on the team!
  4. I admit, I was a bit skeptical of this idea at first. I liked the simple monochrome green look, but I played around with your idea and it's growing on me. Before I revamp the rest of the set though, I wanted to see if this is what you're suggesting: I decided to switch the colors of the front number too, to add more contrast against the word mark. With the addition of the bright green to the word mark and number, I may also add it to the sleeve striping too if it looks good. Otherwise, I included an updated Seattle primary logo and a cap with the bright green drop shadow as well. With the inclusion of the bright green into the primary home jersey (and potentially the away and away alt too), I figured I'd add it to the logo. I struggled with figuring out how to fix the mountains and the stretched-out feeling of them in my Seattle concept, so I went with another direction for this one. I ended up looking up other mountain-related logos to get ideas and ended up basing the primary off the shape/set-up of this logo here. The mountain is based off the view of Mt. Rainier from Seattle. What do y'all think? Should I update the rest of the Cascades accordingly?
  5. I was sorta expecting to have this response to the primary logo, so I'll revisit it. As for a simple trident logo, I have a couple reservations about that. Yes, the team is named the Tridents, but to make a trident based logo that feels unique would be rather challenging. For example, a simple roundel with the prongs of the trident already exists in many forms when I googled "trident logo" at one point. That's a bit of why I went with a Neptune angle, to try to do something a bit out there and unique. I hear what y'all are saying though, so I'll hit the drawing board again and see what I can come up with. I appreciate the suggestion to look at the Ottawa Senators, and I'll work with the floating text to better situate it in the primary. As for the J, I feel you, ~Bear, it's not really anything special (and is basically a rip-off of Juventus, which I realized after I hit post on this concept the other day), but I think it gets the job done. I'll change the outline when I have an update ready and I think I need to mess around with the sleeve striping a little bit too. I'll get to all that soon, but in the meantime, thanks for all your comments, ~Bear, NDFreek, and teeray01. Haha, actually the funny thing is that there's a thread over on their mods site where someone is already doing that... they didn't ask me for permission though and have made a couple changes that I don't agree with. They are giving me credit though, so I appreciate that. Once I'm done with the designs here though, I plan to put together my own files for the game exactly as I've got here, but that'll be awhile (and maybe I'll figure out how to make a Quickstart by then?). It is rather fun playing through the game as I add logos and jerseys though.
  6. I had an idea for a teal Florida team and went with it, so here's the 6th team from the UBA, the Jacksonville Tridents! It wasn’t until 2005 that 1995-expansionee Jacksonville had their first .500 season. Luckily, the wait for their first postseason appearance ended the following season, though that 92-win campaign ended quickly in the divisional round against San Diego. Jacksonville would return to the postseason in 2010, and then set a franchise record with 102 wins and another postseason appearance in 2013. However, in all three postseason appearances, the Tridents haven’t made it past the divisional round and have won only three postseason games total. Averaging 71 wins per season over the past three years, this year’s team is actually doing worse, as the Tridents sit at 19-36 (.345) in the first week of June 2019. Obviously that’s not good for anything better than the basement in the Federal League’s South Division. If it weren’t for Brooklyn somehow sucking even worse, Jacksonville would be the worst team in the UBA. There’s really only one player of note on the Tridents’ roster and that’s defending FL Pitcher of the Year Award and 2014 FL Rookie of the Year SP Alex Trejos. At age 28, the lanky left-hander has been destroying opposing batters for the past year and a half, holding players to a .223 batting average and maintaining a sterling 2.39 ERA during that time. However, despite spending his entire career with the Tridents so far, extension talks have gone nowhere and he’s set to reach free agency this upcoming offseason. Without Trejos atop the rotation, 27-year-old SP Connor Flynn will most likely become the de facto ace. He’s not Trejos, but he gets the job done with his career 3.44 ERA and he’s signed affordably through his age-30 season. While Jacksonville’s pitching is solidly middle of the pack in the FL, their offense is dead last in runs scored, on-base percentage, hits, extra-base hits, and walks. There’s really no one of note in the Tridents’ lineup, but perhaps 26-year-old 2B Chris LaSusa can add some offense via his team-leading .265 AVG when he returns from the DL in 4 weeks. Jacksonville sports a rather unconventional look and name for a professional baseball team. The Tridents name is a reference to Jacksonville's popular beaches, which includes Neptune Beach. The primary logo forgoes becoming a full roundel, instead featuring the team name loosely wrapped around the key figure, that of the Roman god of the sea Neptune, shown with his trident in hand. As an expansion team in the 90's, Jacksonville was bound to choose a non-traditional name, yet the detailed shadows of the primary logo are another unique feature as well. They may blur in small applications, but the Tridents insist upon bearing their unusual logo and they bear it with pride (even as they lose nearly every single game). The arched Tridents word mark has been a staple in Jacksonville's history since their inception, while the wavy stripe pattern has also adorned their sleeves for years as well. The alternate is worn often at home and once in a blue moon on the road. I feel like every league has to have a weird team from Florida. Or maybe that's just me. Anyways, I had some fun putting Jacksonville together, though perhaps the end result could be a little more cohesive. Eh, call it the curse of the Marlins, but I like the Tridents. The lack of cohesion is partly intentional even. It's a Florida team. The main arched text is inspired by the early 2000's Pittsburgh jerseys, the Blue Jays' look from those same years, and the primary perhaps has some hints of this old Padres logo. The face of Neptune is heavily based off this statue, while the trident itself is based off Aquaman. While New Orleans had a lot of location-based symbols intertwined in the concept, Jacksonville does not. Instead, it's sort of a combination of things that inspired it, with very little actual Jacksonville things, but it's a concept that I rather enjoy and I hope y'all like it too. C+C is appreciated as always.
  7. Good to know that the update went over well! Thank you all for your inputs, it certainly brings something to my own creative process and improves my work, which I appreciate. I'm glad that the throwback gets the right intention across. As for the updates, I certainly agree that it cleaned up the Crescents and I'm liking the result a lot more than before. Thanks for your kind words. From what I've found via digging, unfortunately I can't access that part of the forum till I reach the 500 post threshold (or something like that). Dang content permissions I guess I'll have to wait until I get more posts, but perhaps by then I can go back and finagle with New Orleans more with some green. I'll have the next team up within the hour...
  8. I updated New Orleans. You'll notice a new roundel and a switched-up set of jerseys. The previous home jersey becomes the throwback and underwent a color change -- I wanted to incorporate a more bronze-y, murkier shade of gold into the set for a single jersey. I got rid of the fleur-de-lis alt and instead replaced it with a purple version of the new home jersey, which allows for more continuity between caps and the jerseys. I also played around with the roundel a bit, so that I'm much more comfortable with the color balance. I messed around with the bronze-y shade a bit, and decided to make the throwback feature it. I still love the athletic gold more, but I think the bronze-y gold could fit into a 2000's and early 2010's set (ala the Nationals, Brewers, and Astros at different times during those years). I tried something along the lines of that, but the abundance of gold didn't fit how I wanted. I instead went with a rather purple-heavy look that I hope fixes some of the color balance issues from before. Hopefully it looks a bit better now. Thanks! As for now, I'm going to refrain from using green, just because I can't figure out a way to incorporate it in a way I like currently. Once I finish more teams, perhaps I will revisit this and figure out a way to incorporate it. I'm glad you like the concept though! I couldn't find your original post for the fantasy baseball team, do you think you could drop a link here to look at?
  9. I made a little mistake by naming the team the Crescents, in that there are a LOT of New Orleans logos that use the shape. Oops. That's why I went with a relatively simple logo package before, but I see what y'all are saying about it being a bit bland. I appreciate having the input, especially since it's definitely pushing me to come up with better things. Keep the comments coming! On to the design... With the suggestion of the roundel, I had two ideas: 1) Pursue the New Orleans water meter design, which has historical significance to the city and is a common jewelry piece sold there now. I ran into a problem right away though, as Crescent City FC has a logo based on the water meter that would be pretty hard to put my own spin on without ripping off the CCFC logo. So, on to the second option... 2) Use the crescent shape that makes the NOPD badge unique from others. This shape has been used before too, in one of the Pelicans' countless secondary logos. However, I decided to play around with my second idea and make my own roundel with it. First off, I flipped the crescent so that it matches the orientation of the geographical crescent that the city gets its nickname for. I decided to do that, rather than rotate it into a C, because I also wanted to incorporate the fleur-de-lis into the roundel too. Plus, the crescent as a C with a fleur-de-lis in it is another New Orleans jewelry item apparently. So, no C-like crescent for me. I messed around a bit before with old gold, but the athletic gold fit more to my liking. I think the athletic gold pops out a bit more than the old gold, which I like. Here's the roundel, which looks a bit like a soccer crest, though I still like it. I included it in both color schemes for reference: I've got a pretty clear idea of what I'll do to create an alternate uniform, which I'll put together if y'all like the roundel as is, and as for the founding dates of all the teams... I'll leave you in suspense! However, here's what we've got for the teams posted so far: New York - original UBA team from 1921 Indianapolis - founded in 1921 in Washington DC, moved to Indianapolis for the 1949 season Denver - 1959 (yes, this is certainly a bit earlier than was probably realistically likely at the time. This link briefly discusses Denver as a relocation site for the Athletics in 1978. Denver has a rich minor league history since just after WWII, which is what prompted me to put the Bison in Denver so early) Seattle - 1972 New Orleans - 1972
  10. I really like the colors and the pattern of Atlanta's away jersey. sportsfan7 makes a good point about the Olympics connection that I hadn't considered before, though I think your jersey could still work as a memorial to the upcoming 25th anniversary of the Atlanta Olympics bombing. Just last year, the Oklahoma City Thunder had their own memorial jersey, so it's been done before. Still, it could be a touchy subject. As for the home, it reminds me of that old Gotye song but otherwise, it's great and I like the sublimated traffic designs especially.
  11. Wow, I'm rather blown away by all the input! Thanks for all your help and hopefully y'all like the colors I picked... Without further delay, I present to you the Minnesota Vikings Los Angeles Lakers LSU Tigers...New Orleans Crescents: Out of the eleven UBA teams without a title in their franchise history, the 1972 expansion team from New Orleans has the most postseason appearances. The CL South Division is typically weak, but currently has three teams over .500, including New Orleans at 18-15. Sadly, this is only good for third place, as the Crescents are 2 games behind the surging Houston ball club. Yet, New Orleans has actually been pretty good since the turn of the millennium, with seven postseason appearances and only two finishes below second place since 2000. A couple of those second place finishes have been with a below .500 record though, evidence of the status of the South Division as weak. Despite their successes, the Crescents have failed to turn it into titles, losing to Washington in 2010 in their first and only finals appearance so far. The Crescents have a top-notch offense, but a basement-dwelling pitching staff. The two main offensive threats are five-time All-Star 3B Will Langmore, the face of the franchise, and 27-year-old LF Eduardo Capirossi. The 33-year-old Langmore is the #3 third baseman in the league (behind Merritt of Seattle and Tony Aguilar of Chicago), and has been extremely well-rewarded for his role in New Orleans' recent successes, as he’s in just year two of a $30 million per year contract through his age 36 season. While he’s brought star-level talents to the team for nearly a decade now, Langmore also accounts for nearly a third of the Crescents’ payroll. Like Langmore, Capirossi is a homegrown, nationally popular star too. He’s currently on pace for a 49 HR season, which would easily eclipse his personal record of 39 HR two seasons ago and certainly increase his currently affordable $4.4 million deal from arbitration. The contract demands of Langmore and the lack of recent success at developing homegrown starters is why 31-year-old SP Dave Haegele is considered the #1 starter in New Orleans. Haegale pitched to just a 4.77 ERA last season across 28 starts and this season is not any better, as he holds a 6.39 ERA through 7 starts so far. New Orleans features three logos, of which the roundel and interlocking NO get the most use. The roundel is solely a shoulder logo for the jerseys, while the NO is used for the caps. The fleur-de-lis, found in the city flag and the heraldry of the city’s namesake, the Duke of Orléans, features prominently in the roundel, partly surrounded by a crescent from the city's police badges. The actual team name, the Crescents, comes from the city’s nickname as “the Crescent City,” which originates from the city’s initial crescent-shaped geography along the Mississippi River. The orientation of the crescent in the roundel matches that geography. The fleur-de-lis was formerly used as a standalone logo, but has in recent years been relegated to just its placement in the roundel. The throwback recognizes the days where the fleur-de-lis had more importance though, as it adorns the cap of the throwback set from the Crescents' Continental League Pennant winning-season in 2010. That season was one of the last seasons in which the Crescents wore vests and utilized a more bronze-y gold. New Orleans wears the alternate at both home and away games, though not often. The yellow-billed cap is worn at home only, either with the home or alt uniforms. As I mentioned before, the interlocking NO is directly inspired by this Notre Dame logo. As for the fleur-de-lis, it is my own sketch that I created after looking at various fleur-de-lis designs and making my own version. If the UBA were to exist in the same universe as the NFL and NBA, then New Orleans would have a cool little thing going with the Saints, Pelicans, and my Crescents all featuring different versions of the symbol. The recommendation of the athletic gold was a solid recommendation that I appreciate a lot, considering that I was hoping to save metallic gold for San Francisco eventually and I hadn't thought of athletic gold for New Orleans before. I had fun stealing the color scheme of LSU to really connect the Crescents to another Louisiana-based team too. I've got some fun stuff in the works -- a metallic gold San Francisco team, a classic teal team from Florida, and a Mr. Met / Mr. Red homage -- as well as an update to the Seattle primary logo and shoulder logo too. Hope y'all are staying healthy and that you like New Orleans! C&C is appreciated as always.
  12. Maybe something like this? On the left, how what you suggested would appear on a purple background, so on a purple cap for instance. On the right, how it would appear on a white background, with the purple included as an additional outline.
  13. Thanks for the detailed comments, mbannon92 and generalshepherd141! I'm a big fan of the script and the color scheme as well. I visited Seattle once and got lucky to get sunny weather. The view of the Olympic Mountains over Puget Sound (if I've got my geography right) were amazing, but Mt. Rainier in the distance was even prettier and it stuck with me since. I'm absolutely jealous that you get to see the Cascades more often than I do! I went back and implemented two of your suggestions -- no white on the Seattle away (and as a part of that, no white on the away pants), and yellow text on the red Denver alt -- and updated each teams' original posts. I'm hoping I read the "text fill & stroke" part correctly, since I don't know much graphic design lingo (I just click around on Affinity Designer until I like what I've created) . I'm not completely sold on the yellow-heavy text on white either, but I like that it feels unique to me. I was hoping the double outline around the yellow would separate it enough from the white, which I think it did fairly okay. I chose the simple maroon for New York because maroon has always been attached to royalty, and naming a team the "Emperors," even though it was named for a building and the NY state nickname, felt appropriate. Oh, and it looked cool. The initial idea behind developing a mint green alt was me trying to do a green equivalent of a powder blue jersey. I played around a bit with the mint green jersey that I'd mentioned, but scrapped all efforts after I couldn't find something that worked well. A yellow Supersonics inspired alt didn't work either, though I did try. I'll keep the neon green for now as I sorta love to hate it and it reminds me of the Seahawks. I'm going to continue work on the Seattle logos, since I agree that the secondary looks rather stretched. I'll mess around with some snowcaps too, to see if that gets anywhere. Here are my initial sketches of the Cascades, if you're interested: **** Next up, we've got New Orleans. I'll leave you to figure out what the team name is going to be, but regardless the logos will relate more to New Orleans and less to the team name. I've got two color options so far, 1) purple and gold, or 2) Mardi Gras-inspired purple, green, and gold. I went with an interlocking NO instead of NOLA because the interlocking city abbreviation feels more traditionally MLB-esque than NOLA. Also, the NO is pretty clearly derived from this Notre Dame logo. Which color scheme do you prefer?
  14. I think it's an improvement for sure. It's more clearly a T, which I like more than the previous version. I agree that it's still a bit static though. Do you think perhaps centering the T and doing the unique striping on both sides of the T would help? It would prevent you from putting the crest in the middle of the T and you'd probably have to get rid of the maple leaf, but maybe it'd feel less static? I think it's still a great look though. Albuquerque is great. I love the home jersey with the hot air balloon inspired design, as well as the color scheme and peppers design on the away. As for Atlanta ideas, the usual go-to is the phoenix rising from the ashes (I'm planning to do something like that for a baseball design soon), but there are also peach trees, Coca Cola, and the Olympics to draw inspiration from for Atlanta. And it's supposedly Hollywood Jr. I think MARVEL filmed a lot in Atlanta for their recent Captain America movies.