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  1. Hey Steelman, been following since the beginning and decided to log back in to drop some C&C. But first, as someone struggling to find a decent way of creating graphics from my logo sketches, what program are you using for your graphics? I love the backstories as well as the entire fictional world aspect. The map is incredible too. For the teams themselves, the caps and color schemes are all fantastic. No critiques there. I think someone else questioned how so many of the primary logos are roundels, and I agree with that skepticism. Cabriga and Perna are both gorgeous because they don’t feel cluttered at all. For the Torland league logo, I like it better when it’s presented in black and white. I understand that you’re going for the retro look, but in my opinion the colors are too muted as they are currently. I think that if you have stronger, brighter colors then the logo would be more attractive. I love Webby of the Waterdee Ducks, enough so that Waterdee is one of the two teams I’m rooting for. Caps are A+ and the socks are fantastic too. I think with the numbers on the jerseys, I’d like a little bit more consistency. I’d switch the home number on the front to match the letters and the number on the back, green bordered in red. Similarly, make either the team name and number on the front of the away jersey red bordered in green or make the number on the back green bordered by red. With the Ducks, that consistency would do wonders. Something about the “Ducks” across the chest of the home uniform is bugging me, but I think it’s just how few letters are in the name that makes it seem too spaced out. The logo feels a little cluttered, but I’m comfortable with it as is. Webby should get a bat eventually though, either swinging it or standing on it. I don’t have any critiques on the Cobantle Bears. I would like to see them adopt a bat-swinging bear logo or something over the years. Maybe a Cubs-inspired bear within a C. With the San Estas Seals, it’s another club that I don’t really have any complaints for. I’d be curious to see how the home uniform would look like with the number on the front outlined in orange and/or some orange sleeve piping. Likewise, I wonder if maybe the away jersey should go even more mellow and have the script being the same block font as NOB and without the orange outline. Thinking the Boston away jerseys from a couple years ago. One tiny gripe with the primary logo would be to remove the SE from the seal’s chest. I don’t think that’s really necessary with the roundel already labeled “San Estas”. I really like the simple logos and color scheme of the Perna Whitecaps. The sleeve piping and road blues are a nice touch as well. Maybe they’ll go powder blue in the 70’s? My big critique for the team would be the scripts on both jerseys. With the swash underneath, I don’t think the text should be arced, but rather straight or angled upwards. The Phillies uniform from the era ditches the swash and sits in a line, whereas the Dodgers arch upwards and add a number underneath. Both scripts still look great today. I’m always one for alliterative team names, so the Malvaton Maroons already had that going for me. Maroon is also such a great color, especially with how you paired it with the powder blue. No complaints on that and I like the simplicity of their roundel. One idea for improvement in the roundel would be to rotate the baseball seams within the logo. The brown and blue of the Cabriga Blackbirds is both original and well done. Perhaps the Padres could benefit from that shade of blue… As I mentioned before, the Cabriga logo with just the blackbird in the baseball is one of my favorites in the league, if not The Favorite. Cabriga is the other team I’m rooting for, solely because of that logo. I like their hats, but their jerseys are too plain. However, I understand that’s part of the story line so I won’t nitpick that. The San Ferrio Tars have a great color scheme, monogram, and cap. However, I feel like there’s too much going on in the roundel. I’d like to see the swinging sailor get adapted into a new roundel to replace the current one. It’s such a good logo that I think it should be used more often than just as a secondary mark, especially since the SF in the current roundel is already on the cap. For the jerseys, I like all you’ve got going there. My one nitpick would be to border the number on the front of the home jersey in gold to match the script and the number on the back. Again, with the Engor Flying Tigers now, the roundel feels a little cluttered with the various outlines and texts. You also have a fantastic secondary mark that I think is underused in the identity and arguably one of the most retro logos in the league in comparison to the MLB logos in 1960. I like Engor’s cap, but something about the jerseys screams too modern to me. Maybe it’s the bright orange? I’m not sure. The home jersey works enough for me, but I think the away jersey needs to have sleeves and honestly be a little bit more boring. I love seeing all the teams alongside each other in the sigs. That’s been my favorite part so far, seeing all the identities come together. You’ve got some good stuff going and hopefully my advice can be of help. I’m excited to follow along and see where this goes. Go Blackbirds and Ducks!
  2. I’ve been following this for awhile and have really enjoyed witnessing the creation process, so I figured I’d finally chime in. I’m a fan of the usage of black in the logo and like others said above, the black makes the bull more “intimidating” and “stronger”. That being said, I really enjoy the white and orange outline combo, especially in the NY logo. If you add a white outline to the color scheme with black, that would keep the bull looking strong, while also putting “more emphasis on the white like the flag”. That’s just my two cents, but hopefully it’s somewhat helpful.
  3. I think the Rays are a great name for Bradbury. The one worry I have is the color scheme for Bradbury. The Warriors are already red, so I think the Bradbury team needs to mix things up a bit so that their identity is clearly separate from the other Mars team. This would pretty much rule out using either the Reds or Red Sox as team names, but I think you could still do some cool stuff with the Flames or Rays or Mariners (from Valles Marineris) without solely relying on red for the color scheme. Thanks for all your work on this. It’s been a pleasure to follow along!
  4. Ooh, I’m excited! Any chance you could share what names you’ve chosen for the expansion clubs?
  5. Yes yes yes! I’m so glad someone is doing this. I wanted to do it years ago but didn’t have the time or talent... I’m pretty excited for this and will be following. Good luck! Side question: will you be using canonical rules / team names / players or creating them on your own?
  6. Twin Cities Sky Sox (its a bit of a mouthful, but the the alternative would be Venus Sky Sox, which I can’t see the Sparrows approving) Kennedy Rockets (it just sounds good) Saturn Scorpions (alliteration!)
  7. 1. Titan City - The commissioner wants to expand the league further, so let’s take this opportunity to bring professional baseball to Saturn, where no other team lays a claim. The potential for financial success in such an untapped market is great and would aid in any additional travel costs, as well as paying for star players on the field. Nicknames: - Saturn Titans (self-explanatory) - Titan City Rings (self-explanatory) - Titan City Halos (as previously mentioned) - Titan City Pioneers (as the first team on Saturn) 2. Bradbury - I think Mars is ready for another team. The Warriors are established enough that they shouldn’t worry about losing fans to Bradbury and the city has shown a commitment to supporting baseball by building their stadium. Nicknames: - Bradbury Martians (self-explanatory) - Bradbury Reds or Red Sox (a nod to MLB teams of the past and to Mars being ‘The Red Planet’) - Bradbury Marineris or Valles (the cliff names) - Bradbury Rovers (named after the Martian rovers) - Bradbury Sols (a day on Mars is called a sol, and I’m fairly sure sol in Spanish means sun) - Bradbury Racers (this is a bit of a stretch, but I could imagine the canyons of Valles Marineris as a sort of naturally-built race track for super fast aircraft. I’m thinking of the Star Wars movie where there’s a race on one of the planets) 3. Cythera and Cyprus - Oh, you mean you need a reason besides the fact that playing baseball in a floating stadium is crazy and awesome at the same time? Um, the Sparrows need competition to cause them to come to their senses and field better teams. Plus the two cities already have a strong fan support. Nicknames: - Sky Cities Valkyries or Griffins (as previously stated) - Twin Cities Sky Sox (it’s a mouthful and a bit cheesy) - Sky Cities Blues (for the blue of the Earthen sky) - Sky Cities Brothers (I’d call them sister cities, but I don’t know how the male players would react to playing on a team with a feminine name. Although maybe women have broken into the sport by 2050?) 4. Ganymede City - The city is a huge center for commerce, culture, and especially farming. It’s got good fan support already and is the largest city in the Jovian System. Nicknames: - Ganymede Farmers (for the agricultural prominence of the city) - Ganymede Jupiters (for the planet) Note: I apologize if the formatting for this is weird. I composed it on an iPhone and can’t figure out how to fix the font size.
  8. Here's a somewhat wild idea. Instead of white with purple pinstripes, I'd recommend a purple jersey with gold pinstripes and a green "sox". The "sox" would be outlined in gold as well. Then the socks would be purple with gold and green stripes and the cap would be all purple with a green logo and gold outlines.
  9. I love both of them. The Christmas jersey and cap are perfect. For the Mardi Gras cap the green seems rather spontaneous. I think the jersey needs to incorporate more green and maybe make the socks have some sort of striping pattern. What I'm trying to say is that I think that the colors on the Mardi Gras cap and jersey need the three colors to be spread around, for lack of a better word.
  10. Could you do a David Ortiz avatar picture please? Thanks for your great work! Whichever picture works better for you will work for me.
  11. Wow, wonderfully effective comment. The care you took to think out this constructive criticism is mind blowing. If you're going to comment, either say you like it and leave it at that or explain why you find the concept to be "meh" and how it can be improved upon. EDIT: I thought I'd add that I love the series so far HealthiestScratch. The Fresno team is my favorite so far because of its color scheme and all around clean look.
  12. Sometimes you just cry tears of joy when you see a fantastic concept. This one made me need to go find a bucket. Awesome job Discrim, I love the blue and brown combo and if Chicago ever decides to wear a fan-made jersey, I hope they pick your home jersey from the blue and brown color scheme. Please brighten our days by making many more baseball concepts.
  13. Excellent job, I love the third jersey and the other two are great as well. The wave pattern is fantastic. Please make more!
  14. Love the hoodie. I would buy that! Nice work Sparky!