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  1. Awesome job on my request pitt6pack, I really do hope my Boys can get back to the Big Game........someday! (Granted the same can be said for the Browns (who have never been to one and would be our only hope to see a helmet in the endzone again), although I fear they'll have just another losing season like they always do til the day the NFL finally clamps down on Jimmy Haslam). (In before the Atlanta Falcons get there (seeing as this year's SB is in their new stadium ironically (we almost had that last year with the Vikings, but they failed horribly), or even worse the Eagles repeat (which has a decent chance to happen since most of the team is still intact).
  2. Dallas Cowboys vs the Cleveland Browns and the New England Patriots vs the Dallas Cowboys were the ones I requested. Granted now would be a good time to redo those fields in the current format (or even in the classic style from the old days when SB fields were good), or heck maybe even for Super Bowl LIII.
  3. Hey pitt6pack, how's it going (I was wondering what happened to the two Super Bowl fields you made for me 2 years ago? I can't seem to find them) And wow, the Eagles endzone got botched horribly (as they did in XXXIX).
  4. Oh god, I seriously hope this doesn't become the norm for Super LI, they better return to using the AFC and NFC logos on the side for Super Bowl LI or the NFL will become an eyesore and unwatchable (hasn't it already?), but knowing our luck this will be the norm until the day Goodell finally steps down, as they want to capitalize on the NCAA Championship game which is using the exact same field format (then again aren't most NCAA football teams using the same format anyways?) Least we get some color in the Super Bowl logo back for once (long overdue, although now I'm anxious to see what Super Bowl LII's logo is going to look like since it's being played in Minnesota (purple and yellow?), LI is far better with color than the boring silver that the last 5 got prior to 50, but let's hope the Colts and Rams never have this field lest make it to the game themselves (as the Rams are likely to be stuck in the NFC West cellar for at least 2 more years as they just moved back to LA, so they're stuck in rebuilding mode). Now I'm worried if my beloved "Boys" ever go to a Super Bowl, they'll get this abomination too (shudders), I don't want to see my Cowboys end up with a Broncos styled endzone if they ever go, unless they played the Broncos themselves.
  5. So it's confirmed that the NFC and AFC conference logos have been done away with then, but where is the Panthers end zone?
  6. Awesome I love it, thank you so much (I would love to have that Cowboys endzone as my sig in both colors, since I've never seen Dallas ever use a Silver endzone before). Although I'd prefer if the Flying Elvis logo is on it's proper side rather than right under the Patriots script as it feels weird in my opinion, it felt weird during Super Bowl XLIX (it made the game feel a bit incomplete with Flying Elvis right under it).
  7. 1st post yay! (and with the Super Bowl coming up in 2 weeks to top it off). A personal request I would love to see how the Dallas Cowboys and Cleveland Browns would look if they ever face off with the current super bowl template (since the Cowboys haven't been since the 90s, while the Browns have never went once) but it'd be cool to see anyways, along with Patriots vs Cowboys (dream matchup since I'm a Boys fan while my mom and bro are both Pats fan).
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