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  1. Great job. I really like this idea. It'd be an awesome thing if it were possible. Well done on having unique looks for each city too. Not an easy task.
  2. That works, in my opinion. Really enjoying this, if only teams, and leagues, would allows such things to occur.
  3. Miami looks great. I do wonder how the Panthers would look with the pink and aqua reversed. That would give a Carolina look to the Panther but I do wonder if it may make the jerseys look a little more polished.
  4. Section, I'm really enjoying this project. Once you've completed the cities I'd love to see a picture of each of the leagues complete with their team's new logos/colours. WHatare the chances of such things?
  5. Welcome to the wonderful world of Cricket. Try and find yourself some test cricket to watch. Five days for one game is still sometimes not enough for a result but the intricacies of the games often make all five days riveting viewing. As for your concepts, I'm struggling to connect with many of them. I don't have a problem with your direction but I feel some of them miss the mark slightly. The Sixers and Heat are good and the Scorchers aren't bad but i'm not sure repurposing American style logos has worked for the rest. The appeal of the Big Bash is the neon/new age styling of the teams and their logos to appeal to young kids and I feel some of your logos move a little too far from that brief, yet not far enough as to be a true departure. Of course they are just my opinions and I'm glad someone has brought Cricket to these boards and has discovered it as a sport. Go the Thunder!
  6. I think the stars work much better now, however maybe too detailed and fine in comparison to the wallaby. Damned if you damned if you don't I guess. I see the coast of arms reference and what you're trying to do with the angles. I'm wondering if there is a way to bring them closer together so they don't look like a dingos ears which is what I'm getting a bit of now.
  7. AusGiant I think is a good look overall. I can't help but see suburu when I look at those stars. I know you are trying to make sure it works scaled down but in my opinion the four pointed stars don't work that well. In saying that the wallaby looks great. Mean and menacing which I imagine is hard to do for a Wallaby. The ball looks in good proportion, however the ears are giving me a little grief for some reason. I'm not sure if they work with one forward and one back. Thanks for continueing the Aussie vibes here.
  8. Great job on all of them. Whilst I don't visually find the Newcastle Away kit appealing I do see your historical reference. I'm not sure many people would see this connection, however, as the Jets have been Newcastle United and played in Blue and Red since the late 90's and football in Australia doesn't have a very long memory. The Phoenix kits are great and reflect the vibrant and modern nature of the A-League that I think a lot of your kits capture. All in all it's a great job and has livened up some of the boring kits in the league. Just one thing... Where are the Western Sydney Wanderers?
  9. I'd have to say Option 1 as well. I'm digging the finer details you include in your kits. The diamonds in the Victory kit may not be immediately noticeable from afar, but up close look very smart. Great job.