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  1. Welcome to the University of Wisconsin, new 49ers players.
  2. Nope. The Raiders have one-year options for 2017 & 2018 at the Oakland Coliseum. It's part of the extension they signed prior to the 2016 season. They could conceivably leave at any time. (And I hope they don't ever use 'em. Stay in Oakland!)
  3. Diggin' it! Fun side note from this past weekend: the grounds crew at MetLife Stadium got smart, and rather than fighting the weather to change the end zones from "Jets" to "Giants" between Thursday and Sunday, they just went with neutral cross-hatching.
  4. Packers vs. Redskins preseason action...from Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, WI. Back in the day, the Badgers' home would host 1 Packer preseason game per year...a practice long since discontinued.
  5. They only did that for big, nationally-televised games at Lambeau back in the day. (And during that horrific period of Packer football, there weren't many of 'em.)
  6. Tennessee Oilers, indeed. 1998 vs. Reggie White and the Packers.
  7. Back then, before breaking away from the "Bay Badgers" identity and embracing "Phoenix," UWGB even had a marching band. Here's yours truly in 1995, modeling the old uniform. This is how you do "throwback," kids.
  8. About time UWGB got some love. But're missing the easy and BEST answer...
  9. Chuck Cecil...Phoenix Cardinal. No...just no. The only red he should've worn was coming out of the bridge of his nose and dripping onto his #26 Packer jersey.
  10. Welcome to the NRG Astrodome!...oh, wait...
  11. Paul Molitor w/ the Toronto Blue Jays. Made my Brewer-blue blood boil back in '93...especially when he won World Series MVP up 'nort.
  12. Old University of Wisconsin-Green Bay logos you're not permitted to use any more! (Man, I remember all of these.)