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  1. Hi all, New logo I've been working on for a Junior B Hockey Team called the Stratford Warriors. I've attached the teams previous logos as well as my version. All comments/ criticism welcome. http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/icehockey/images/1/1e/Stratford_Cullitons.png/revision/latest?cb=20090831124619
  2. Here's my stab at the SC Stingrays Anniversary Logo Contest being run by Icethetics, thoughts?
  3. So with The future of NHL Expansion to be announced some time in June, I thought it'd be nice to get more serious about a team possibly landing in Las Vegas. It's only a matter of time before it happens, that being said I chose the team name Nevada Roadrunners simply because I don't like the way Las Vegas rolls off the tongue and I doubt that the Franchise would name the team after it's history of Gambling. So I thought it would be nice to name them after something evocative of the surrounding Geography, hence Roadrunners (I like the dessert theme) In terms of colours I went with colours that would fit a dessert team, which pretty happy with. But I feel like right now the logo looks like a Marlin when I squint my eyes, maybe because of the sun, but I'd really like to keep the sun in the logo somehow, I feel like it offers more depth to the logo and Character, (There are already plenty of other logos with Bird Heads) Feedback much appreciated! -Hayden
  4. Very nicely done, one of the best leaf re - designs i've seen so far! One Criticism would be the size and placement of the hem stripes, it just feels like it's competing with the logo a little bit, I think if they were a little more subtle it would look great!
  5. Here's the second logo with more red, matching Home and Away's now
  6. Hi all, this is my first post here and I was hoping to get some feedback on my complete redesign of the Florida Panthers. I was first inspired by the pad set that Luongo has been wearing this year, so I tried the yellow and white design keeping the dark blue to a minimum, however this is very hard to pull off. I'm pretty happy with where the Logo is at right now maybe just a few tweaks here and there. I created a design adding in the red on the panthers, ear, nose and tongue and made a home set as well. I started with a sketch of what I wanted the panther to look like using my drawing tablet then cleaned that up with the pen tool in Photoshop and spent a few hours tinkering with other ideas from their on, the secondary logo on the shoulder patches right now is just the claws extracted from their old logos. Hoping for some good feedback. Best