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  1. Sports fans, I am a very strong supporter of Major League Baseball expanding across America to new territory. So much so that I have devised an entire team design concept for a MLB team for a city the MLB has never played in before, and that is the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. I have created an entire design package for this new expansion team idea, which I have named the New Orleans Crescents, inspired by New Orleans' nickname of The Crescent City. I have created the team's main logo, the alternate logo, the home uniform, the away uniform, the practice uniform, the home jersey log, the away jersey logo, the logo for the baseball caps/batting practice/logo uniform patch, and even the logo for what would be the team main ballpark. I hope that you people really like what I have done here.
  2. logoroy, you did very nice work on your Super Bowl logo.
  3. Here is my Super Bowl 51 logo suggestion. I hope you people like this.
  4. IMO, St. Louis should receive a Super Bowl or two in the very near future. The Super Bowl would be an outstanding opportunity for St. Louis to receive the necessary cash to form a brand new NFL team.
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