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  1. Exactly. Back in 1969, Montreal had a thriving business community, welcomed both English and French speakers, and was in the middle of a cultural renaissance that led to hosting a World's Fair and the Olympics, amongst other events. It was a natural choice over Toronto for Canada's first major league team. Bill 101 killed that all. The business community is a shadow of what it was (in relative terms, compared to Toronto and Vancouver) back in 1969. Anglophones have been driven out in droves over the past 4 decades. The economic and social situation in Montreal today is radically different than it was in 1969, and not in a way that would work in an MLB team's favor. Had Bill 101 never happened and Montreal maintained its position as Canada's preeminent business center (or at least was on par with Toronto for that title), I don't think the Expos would've ever had to move in the first place. But the ingredients are just no longer there for supporting a major league team. And Montreal is never going to be a growing, upwardly mobile city like Vancouver, Charlotte, Nashville, Portland, Austin, etc., are today. (Perhaps unless they repeal Bill 101 and welcome back Anglophones and their commerce, but fat chance of that ever happening.)
  2. I'm trying to think of a good exception to this, and I can't. And white caps should be banished to the pits of hell, so we can scrap that exception on those grounds.
  3. Here's the official logo. This is one of the best TV logos I've ever seen. Simple, elegant, and a throwback to the 1960s:
  4. If they just made the lines thicker, this would really, really work. I don't get why they wanted super thin line weights here though.
  5. I really, really like it. The exclamation point doubling as a slash is a great touch for an internet company.
  6. If they wanted to change the logo, a simple modernization would've sufficed. The ticket logo was recognizable and a really good, basic design. Guess we may be moving away from the era of flat logos (to my dismay), because they replaced a very longstanding flat logo with something in chrome.
  7. Keep the Thunder's color scheme, and absolutely nothing else from their current identity. New wordmark, new logo, new jerseys. Take what's salvageable (the colors) and just start over from that generic, ill-conceived mess. For something less radical, I can't say I'm a fan of the Grizzlies' identity right now. I'm actually in a minority in that I hate their two-tone logo, and I also think their uniforms are a few tweaks away from being good. I'd ditch the shadowing effect on the logo, and introduce some white to the logo to offset the two tones of blue and add some life to the logo. In terms of their jerseys, they have the same problem as their brethren 350 miles south - that wordmark is too damn small for that jersey. Especially the "Grizzlies" wordmark, which just looks shrunken down and nearly invisible. And why have one arched wordmark (which should allow them to make the wordmark bigger, FWIW) and two straight wordmarks? And why introduce yellow trim on one jersey but not the two others? I'd use an arched wordmark that's enlarged (mostly by elongating the letters vertically), and then introduce either more yellow or more white into those jerseys in order to offset the unrelenting blue. On the two blue uniforms, either make the center stripe in the wordmark and letters white, or make it yellow (I'd prefer white, personally, and to jettison the yellow). And throw some white or yellow trim on the collar and side panels (much as the light blue jersey already has). The two-tone blue can work with a lighter color (preferably a neutral, like white) to offset it, but I really don't care for it without any neutral color.
  8. From a distance, these look like cricket uniforms. Seriously. Free agency is a dumpster fire, there's service time manipulation left and right, top tier starters and relievers were free agents into the month of June, but hey, we have funky jerseys with nicknames on the back!
  9. It's the brand new Tappan Zee Bridge from Westchester to Rockland, about 20 miles north of the City. Or sorry, the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge. Because Cuomo wants this thing to be his legacy and decided to name it after Daddy. It's a rather pretty bridge, though not nearly as gorgeous or iconic as the GWB, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg, Triborough, or even Verrazano Bridges. But hey, it's Cuomo's pet project, so why not put it on our plates rather than one of New York's world famous bridges? (If we want Cuomo's true legacy on there, I'd vote for a subway car stuck behind a track fire, filled to the brim with angry commuters. That should win a Plate of the Year award.)
  10. I voted for #2. Reminds me of the classic Statue of Liberty plates from the 90's. #5 would be my second choice. (Not coincidentally, that one echoes the 2000's plates.) I also suspect this is some vote splitting gambit to get Daddy's Bridge on the plate, but fortunately I'm not sure a single soul not named Cuomo is voting for those plates.
  11. I'd agree that the numbers are worth incorporating into an updated Brewers identity. I think they'd go with the Yount script (they'd have to be paired with that - they wouldn't go at all with the current Brewers script or the plain sans serif wordmark).
  12. I do think that font would get dated pretty quickly. All it would take is a change in design trends among microbrews to become dated. And it looks awfully similar to what the Astros have done. I'd much rather see the Brewers mine from one of their previous looks, rather than introduce yet another look into their franchise's history. The Robin Yount script, perhaps without the tail, should be it, IMO: The Brewers have had a number of quality looks in their history, including the Motre Bame look. I'd much rather see them modernize one of those than introduce something completely new, and take one more step toward becoming the Padres of the Midwest.
  13. Not bad looking on the field, but still such a downgrade from the pre-Nike uniforms (given that Nike utterly botched the green fabric on the homes). And why do so few players know how to wear their socks? There's three vastly different sock styles just in this photo - a thin strip of green followed by way too much white, almost the entire calf covered in green followed by a bunched up white sock above the shoe, and the correct half green-half white look. The NFL is getting almost as bad as baseball with this. And don't get me started on the biker pants going on in the back there.
  14. I am usually not a fan of gradients, but it really, really works here. Interesting concept, and great execution. I'm beginning to wonder whether we're about to see the return of the gradient in design. I hope not, as I'm not a huge fan, but these things move in cycles, and it seems like gradients are about to make a comeback.
  15. I'm glad the Yanks are on the road that weekend, because the idea of the Yankees in an all-white jersey without pinstripes is just vomit-inducing.