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  1. I'm suddenly realizing just how good that Motre Bame monogram looks in the BiG colors. Thing is, I have no clue how it would fit in to the BiG identity without seeming shoehorned in. And I don't think the rest of the Motre Bame identity would look good recolored in BiG colors.
  2. There's definitely a resemblance to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Would not be surprised if Kamala's designers took cues from that, though it's a very contemporary and optimistic look right now, so could be coincidental.
  3. I was at a party for that SB with a bunch of friends (we were in high school at the time). They decided they wanted to play Madden during halftime, even though I wanted to see how bad the halftime show was in order to spend the entire time ridiculing it. (Us 14 year old boys in the year 2004 were most definitely not into Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake.) We had no clue what had even happened during that show until the next morning when it was all over the morning news. Still feel like I totally missed out one of the more bizarre moments in TV history.
  4. I love it. Completely agree with @Gothamite and @BrandMooreArt that this logo is so iconic that it doesn't need a wordmark. And by removing the wordmark, they've elevated the logo to explicitly convey that it's so iconic that anyone would recognize it without any words spelling out what it stands for. The removal of the wordmark forces the logo to stand on its own, and carry the work of telling customers "this is MasterCard." Look at how the logo works in the applications shown above - it's far more powerful when it stands on its own, rather than having a wordmark beneath it carry the load of telling customers that it stands for MasterCard. I have a feeling this was always the end goal of the 2016 rebrand - to separate the wordmark from the logo so that the simple circles themselves would be recognizable without any text (considering that 2016 was the first time the circles were portrayed without overlaying text), and then eventually to quietly remove the wordmark so that the circles would stand alone. If that was the plan all along, it worked.
  5. I'd actually take Seattle clobbering Denver over this snoozefest. Yesterday didn't even really feature great defensive prowess - it was just a sloppy, uneventful, boring game. The punters were the stars of the show until about the last 5 minutes or so. We weren't even getting lots of turnovers or sacks. This game never held my interest until the very end, and even at that, it was "ho hum, the Pats are going to win in the 4th quarter again." At least Seattle provided us with lots of exciting offense and an opportunity to see an amazing team just clicking on all cylinders. Yesterday showed both those teams in a terrible light, and it was a battle to see who'd lose, not a battle to see who'd win. I'd take an offense-filled blowout over that snoozer any day.
  6. Looking at it now, last year appears to have been a road bump, rather than the end of the road. Goliath continues on strong, apparently.
  7. It's weird - I think this logo feels so dated and staid, but the existing BK logo feels awfully dated as well - a relic of the late-90s. I always thought that BK didn't take advantage of the many visual opportunities afforded by its name, at least within its logo. I like the crown concept they have going on with this restaurant in Mexico though.
  8. Those cream unis are one of my favorites in all of baseball, and I've always wanted the Twins to return to them. I suspect that if the Twins started wearing them full-time, especially with a cleaned-up script, they'd immediately be considered near-untouchable. Much like how the White Sox and Blue Jays landed on near-untouchable looks after decades of different uniforms. I honestly have no clue what the Twins are going for with their branding right now. They've spent over 50 years as a red, white, and blue team - over a century in those colors if you include their time in Washington - and now after 5 decades they're suddenly trying to become a blue/red/gold team (with blue definitely taking the lead for the first time ever in Minnesota)? With a gold that doesn't even mesh well with their existing color scheme? And after wearing pinstripes for the better part of 5 decades, they ditch the pinstripes out of nowhere? The Twins have undergone a lot of visual changes over the years, but there was always some degree of visual continuity from the Met Stadium look to the Metrodome look to the early Target Field years. The Metrodome was a visual evolution from the classic Met Stadium look (i.e. the beautiful jersey they just ditched), and the initial Target Field look was an amalgam of the two. But now? They look like a different franchise. There's nothing recognizably 'Twins' about this look. I think somebody got a little too enamored with the gold trim in their All-Star Game identity, and took it way too far...
  9. A DH who is an exemplary hitter deserves to be in the Hall. There's no way you can tell me a player who produced 65.5 WAR over his career and churned out NINE 5+ WAR seasons isn't deserving of induction. And keep in mind that WAR has a positional adjustment that properly adjusts the offensive value of a DH relative to his position. At his peak, Edgar could crank out a .330 BA and .450 OBP like it was nobody's business. The numbers he put up were truly eye-popping regardless of what position he played. It was his job to hit. And he hit like crazy. Yes, the offensive standards for a DH should be higher than other positions for induction into the HOF. But that's not a new or unique concept at all - we've long understood and mentally adjusted for the differences in expectations between a 1B and a CF or a catcher. I think most fans, especially those analytically inclined, have long internalized those differing expectations based on position, whether looking at current players or historical ones. Case in point, a guy putting up Derek Jeter's numbers probably wouldn't have become a superstar if he were playing 1B rather than SS (not to say he wouldn't have been a very good player still, but not a surefire HOFer and one of the biggest names in the game). And now WAR has given us a tool to put tangible numbers to that mental adjustment that has long existed. So you just have to adjust accordingly for a DH, which we can do through actual statistics displaying player value (like WAR) and through the same sort of natural mental adjustment that we'd have when evaluating a shortstop's numbers against a plodding right fielder's numbers.
  10. Yeesh, that's awfully similar in terms of typeface to Elizabeth Warren's logo. I'm sure they were developed without knowledge of each other's logos/typeface, but damn, that's terribly close.
  11. Not just colorful branding, but directly inspired by Shirley Chisholm's 1972 Presidential campaign: Not a nod that most people will get 48 years after the fact, but a nice little historical reference nonetheless.
  12. Gillibrand has clearly positioned herself as the candidate for suburban mothers. That logo is further evidence of it. You can practically see the p***y hat ears emerging from it. I'll reserve my comments as to the effectiveness of said strategy. Kamala Harris just announced today on GMA, and here's her logo: Hoping to get a higher res image soon. Really like it though - it looks modern and contemporary and tough-as-nails without being a direct rip of Obama's logo (*cough*Hillary*cough*). Interesting that she's leaning into her prosecutorial experience with it. Easily the most interesting logo yet in this campaign. The contrast with Gillibrand's branding is downright stunning.
  13. That definitely ain't unintentional. I like Delaney's logo, can't say I'm a fan of the rest.
  14. Historic?! Bill Clinton was President, Kurt Cobain died, and OJ was arrested the year this place opened. Let's save that adjective for things that pre-date Zubaz shorts, please?