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  1. Put the "C" logo and numbers in white, outlined in black and yellow, and you'd really have a great uniform. That design would bring a better color balance to the jersey - right now, I think the black-on-red design is a little too dark. Still not sure they would ever top these throwbacks though:
  2. The hemstripes from the 1992 white jersey, combined with the design of the rest of the above white jersey, would be perfect: (Unrelated note: is it me, or are the white shoulder yolks extraordinarily large on that white fantasy camp jersey above?)
  3. I would love it if the Rays adopted a green and powder blue color scheme, like Tulane, and changed their name to the Stingrays. A third nickname in two decades would be a little asinine, but the existing "Rays" nickname is all sorts of awful. The team themselves have no clue what "Rays" is supposed to refer to - a devil ray? A ray of sunshine (ironic for the only MLB team still playing in a fixed dome)? A bland abbreviation of a former name that's specifically designed to avoid offending anyone? I didn't really like the design of the green-and-blue set they had prior to the name change (hated the scripts with the double outlines), but there was a lot of build off of there. A team using dark green with powder blue as a trim color would be very unique amongst the big four sports, and would actually give the team an identity (something they're sorely lacking right now).